12 thoughts on “20 parrot tricks in two minutes

  1. The parrot almost put the wrong color ring on the peg but hesitated and then did the right color coding match!

    They do seem v happy together, the man and the parrot. And it was a very good workout for the parrot (not for the guy though).

  2. Really good (the “dead” parrot is a riot), though the only thing i can think of worse than this soundtrack would be a vuvuzela!

    1. My only complaint is that they omitted “pining for the fjords”, although the “dead parrot” one is a reasonble substitute. But it’s still amazing.

  3. Well, now I have a smile on my dial. What a cute parrot. I love the way it nearly missed the colour coded quoit trick.

    Its ability to turn head over tail, play dead and roll back up is gorgeous.

    Yeah, the accompanying music is just awful!! Hats off to the parrot.

  4. It’s interesting that the parrot does few or no vocalizations during its routine. Are Senegal parrots not good talkers?

  5. brilliant parrot – just loved the front roll over. aweful music though it’s a wonder the parrot didn’t have it’s wings in it’s ears!

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