29 thoughts on “Woo+Table+v1.4

      1. Then as long as the zombies are Jews or Muslims, his/her mama is safe! And I know for a fact that there are lots and lots of Jewish and Muslim zombies. I’ve been to Jerusalem.

  1. Did I discover a new element or is it just missing from the chart:

    phrenology – Ph.

    Does it belong to the Psi group or the paranormal/supernatural group?

  2. It is sad that there seems to be far far more ways to be wrong than there are ways to be right. Without constant effort the amount of woo in the universe will tend to a maximum.

  3. Fantastic! My only quibble is with Rx. Yes it is traditional bollocks, but it is *very* relaxing having your feet massaged! A sole in a soleless world, as Marx might have put it.

  4. Noted the glaring absence of Eugenics/Race Theory from this chart. A dear Victorian Fetish to some, I suppose ..

  5. It must have taken as much work to make that table as the real thing.

    Falsehood and reality same mindwork. It sticks! I applaud with both hands! 🙂

    Wow! extraordinaire. Toute mon admiration à l’auteur!

  6. Can you print the same poster, but without the curse words?

    I may wish to hang this up in my kid’s room.

  7. I should have thought the Mormons deserved a mention – unless they come under conspiracy theories?!

      1. I can’t answer for @Maija, but not all Cm (Traditional Chinese medicine) is BS. Of course all the chi stuff in nonsense, but part of the tradition is herbs that have not been fully studied in the West, and (as controlled studies such as those arranged by Germany’s Commission E) will demonstrate — and as anyone who has used tobacco, marijuana, kava kava, ginger, etc. can attest — some herbs can have POTENT medical effects. How could they not? With a basically uncountable number of plants in the world, all of which have different concentrations of wildly varying chemicals in them, it would be bizarre were some not to have interactions with one’s health, for better or worse.

        That and Pt (perpetual motion). Religious crazies JUST DON’T STOP. Ever.

  8. All of this magnificent effort; yet no place on the chart for the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause? I don’t know their rightful place, but I’m sure they evolved from previous characters.

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