Saturday metazoans: Darwin/Chicago 2009

October 31, 2009 • 6:57 am

I’ve been terribly busy with the Darwin conference here, and so haven’t been able to post.  But I see that P.Z. is doing yeoman work by summarizing for you all the talks on biology.  I’ll return to the fray tomorrow but wanted to put up a few snaps from the conference.

First, His Crackerness, photographed WHILE LIVE BLOGGING. Note the crocoduck tie:


Dave Jablonski (left) and Doug Schemske (right):

Jablon, Schem03

Richard Lewontin and his ex-student Fred Cohan:RCLFinally, from left to right, Neil Shubin, Dave Jablonski, and Doug Futuyma:


Ancient metazoan: the Chinese fossil Confuciusornis presented by Paul Sereno at his talk (P.Z. describes the presentation):  This is an ancient bird (ca. 120 mya), the first avian fossil to have a short bony tail and a true toothless beak. But note the claws, betraying its reptilian ancestry.


15 thoughts on “Saturday metazoans: Darwin/Chicago 2009

    1. Yup, yours truly. You can imagine what the three of us were up to about one minute before the photo was taken. Nothing like using the facilities next to a Great Man!

      1. Those damn urinals in the Ida Noys basement. They call Chicago the “City of Broad Shoulders” and then build urinals 4 cm apart.

        Oh well, I may not have stood on the shoulders of giants, but at least I’ve squeezed between them.

  1. Wait…perspective here…

    Is that fossil Confuciusornis larger than Neil Shubin, Dave Jablonski, and Doug Futuyma in the preceding picture????

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