16 thoughts on “The feline theory of intelligent design

  1. There you go, stupid computer morphed everything to fit certain conceptions without in the slightest caring to adapt things to really work in that configuration. Explains a whole lot about the quadrupedal physiology of humans, despite the fact that they locomote bipedally.

    At last we actually have an ID notion that at least attempts to explain the sucky “designs” of organisms. This joke is closer to science than any ID “theory” ever has been, although one must concede that all ID theories are also jokes.

    Glen Davidson

  2. I like this comic strip. I often get the feeling he wants to be even bolder in his various social commentaries, but the creator knows that the syndicate would censor him if he tried.

  3. My theory is that this Universe was created by some grad student for his thesis project.

    And then like most college kids, he abandoned us on some dusty shelf and moved on to other things.

    So God was an alien geek.

  4. Iteh Biteh Creationism-eh Kiteh Commiteh!

    [But, how come, if intelligent design/theistic evolution “poofed” apes to humans, there are still apes?]

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