More Jesus and Mo on accommodation!

July 4, 2009 • 8:46 am

I swear, whoever draws “Jesus and Mo” must be reading the web debates about the compatibility of science and religion.  I just found these two strips, published within the last few weeks.



Comment:  The artist can do, with humor, what takes the scientist/atheist a lot of boring words to say.  I will put up these strips in lieu of a longer reply in which I would claim that my critiques of faith/science accommodation have never been shrill, strident, uncivil, or militant.  If you think otherwise, read this and get back to me. Thanks, anonymous Jesus-and-Mo artist!

7 thoughts on “More Jesus and Mo on accommodation!

  1. I love Jesus and Mo. Don’t know much about who draws it, but the author (whoever he or she is) certainly keeps up with the online debates, because the cartoon is always very topical.

  2. Indeed. The J and M author is not some shy cartoon geek (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – author is interested in these subjects. Also I happen to know author reads Butterflies and Wheels regularly (because author has told me so), and I’ve been linking to the debates, so there you go.

  3. Yes, we are stuck answering all the digressions of what believers imagine we are saying…

    the comic cuts to the chase.

    It takes a lot of mental spin for accomodationists to keep mishearing what others are saying–but they have to do this so they can see those others as big meanies–

    Using mental energies to destroy the messenger is much easier then considering the validity of the message.

  4. I find it rather funny how Miller is also desperately searching for a gap to put god into. Now god is hiding in the uncertainty inherent to quantum mechanics. How disingenuous. Personally I never want to see a physics textbook which mentions the “God of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty”.

    So what’s so uncivil about not letting religion poison science? Religions already excel at promoting ignorance within their own populations; why should we ever allow them to permeate science with that same ignorance?

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