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May 9, 2009 • 7:34 am

An alert viewer called this YouTube video review of WEIT to my attention.  I didn’t realize that books were reviewed on that site. Anyway, I swear that I don’t know this guy and that I didn’t pay him off!!  And thanks, agman, whoever you are.

Oh, and buy more copies — I’m behind Inner Fish again!

7 thoughts on “YouTube review of WEIT

  1. HA! That is pretty great. I agree with just about everything he said. Congratulations on the success of the book so far and I hope what this guy wishes becomes true. BTW, enjoyed your interview on PoI.

    And again, way to go with your decision on the Festival, I think your actions can make a difference (I realize how difficult of a decision it must have been at certain levels – but yours perhaps makes it easier for others in the future). I have long argued that Templeton and his foundation are the worst when it comes to overlapping science and religion and their science prizes have been a parade of outrageous forays into spreading the myth that science is somehow finding and enlightening us to “Gods” existence.

  2. His review ends with:

    “This could be instrumental in ending the fucking ignorance”

    If only it were true that reason, logic, fact and evidence would triumph over ignorance, superstition, evangelicalism, fanaticism, obfuscation and malicious intent then his words could be prophetic.

  3. The people that need to read this book more than most are those who are making the rules in education. Like the judge in the Dover trial I believe many of them are uninformed and should they read this, the new brand of ‘controversy’ bills won’t even make it out of the door.

    Just a hunch.

  4. Already got the eBook version. Waiting for the paperback to come out. It’s very, very good — the second one I’ve come across that, for general readers, genuinely updates the Origin.

    The first was Inner Fish 🙂 Sorry, but that book was stunning.

  5. Just skimmed thru most of the comments on the YouTube site, and there are virtually none from the opposition. This is encouraging!

    Best comment (~1 wk ago):
    [“…creotard nutbag?” Wait a minute. I heard about this. Someone was predicting that, in 2009, the english language was going to have its 1,000,000th word added. Is that it?]

    Also, nice to see that he uses correct terminology of accepting vs. believing in evolution.

  6. I live in Thailand and have been unable to find this book. I will be going back to Canada in a few months and WEIT will probably be the first thing i buy!

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