6 thoughts on “Don’t smuggle wild animals!

  1. The fool has no real creativity. He should have tied them together into a tube; and taped it from his groin, and then down the inside of his leg. The inspectors might have seen the bulge, but they would have done nothing – because the name on his airline ticket said Dong.

  2. His punishment should include being strapped up (straight jacket type) and force-fed bird food (mixed with bird droppings).

    This attempt at smuggling is incredibly stupid, cruel, potentially infectious and money grubbing.

  3. How fitting that someone named “Dong” should be found with extra birds in his pants.

  4. Check the top 10 list in the middle of that account:

    A New York City man was arrested trying to smuggle a date rape drug into the United States by putting the liquid in bottles he claimed contained “holy water”. But a customs dog sniffed out the drug sniffed out the truth.

    Very good! A non-accomodationist beagle!

  5. But … aren’t we supposed to be supportive of deviants? Your Kink Ain’t My Kink, But That’s OK as the initialism goes.

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