BBC program: “Did Darwin Kill God?”

April 4, 2009 • 5:22 am

Unsurprisingly, the answer is “of course not!””  In fact — also unsurprisingly — evolution seems to strengthen the narrator’s belief. This one-hour show was on the BBC last week, and although their website won’t play it in the US, the program has been put on YouTube in six segments.  You can access segment 1 below, and then, if you want to watch the rest of the show, go here and click on the succeeding segments that appear next to it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “BBC program: “Did Darwin Kill God?”

  1. I couldnt watch more than 5 Minutes!! He thinks Dawkins is an extremist! And also misquotes him about evolution disproving god. Evolution cant disprove god. Horrible.

  2. I’m of the opinion that Dawkins and Dennett are unfairly categorised as Atheistic Extremists. My church is also very much guilty of this. I think this may be a result of trying to appear moderate.

    To appear moderate you must have nutcases on both sides. The nutters on the religious side however tend to quite popular. The popular figures on the Atheist side however are generally quite reasonable.

    They are therefore forced to strawman the positions on the atheist side. This is why so many commentators talk not of the new Atheists’ arguments but instead their steadfast insistence in voicing them.

    Bring on Michael Shermer I say (he comes across more cuddly) if you want nice. Bring on the four horsemen if you want uncomfortable truths voiced openly.

    On a more pleasant note politically I support this sort of thing like I support Ken Miller. Oddly Dennett put this out himself. Moderate Religion is gradually integrating god into a benign form. A God that is the ground of all being. A God that insists on not intervening. A God out of reach of science will vanish of it’s own accord or be integrated into a poetic version of pantheism. I say let it, we don’t need to frighten the horses so to say.

    W R

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