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April 3, 2009 • 6:23 am

Last week I was on D. J. Grothe’s “Point of Inquiry” radio show, talking about evolution; the link is here.  I can’t bear to listen to recordings of myself, so I don’t remember what I said.  Note, however, that one listener commented that “Dr. Coyne sounded intoxicated to me.”  Let me set the record straight: I had NO titer of ethanol in my body!  Never do before 6 p.m.!

A tip of the hat to D. J. for his relentless promotion of rationality.

2 thoughts on “Point of Inquiry radio show

  1. I listened to this and you did very well, Dr. Coyne.

    You obviously were interviewed over a phone line and the audio quality is not terrific. That and the natural timbre of your voice could mislead foolish people.

    You excellently represented your book and handled ‘controversy’ questions.

    My only criticism: stop using the term “Darwinism”.

  2. Unbelievable!:

    From Prof. Coyne’s Jan 2009 interview in the American Scientist:

    …and I realized when I started teaching that nobody ever taught the evidence for evolution, which is wide-ranging and cool. And I looked in the textbooks, and they didn’t have it either. And yet when you read Darwin, the thing that’s most fascinating is the evidence he musters in support of it.

    Astounding! I don’t see how anyone could believe that a complex theory, presented without the evidence upon which it is based, could constitute actual knowledge or that the method of science could be conveyed at all by such an apporach. This goes for mechanics and atomic theory as well. I believe a serious effort to fix this mess (in K-12) will be launched soon and I’m chomping at the bit for a chance to donate. Enough said.

    I’m very happy that Prof. Coyne has seen the problem and has given us a step forward.

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