WEIT reviewed in Christian Science Monitor

March 16, 2009 • 2:45 pm

by Greg Mayer

Why Evolution is True receives a favorable review today in the Christian Science Monitor from Todd Wilkinson.  Money quote:weit-cover1

Coyne methodically lays out the complete trail of evidence supporting evolution, ranging from the fossil record of dinosaur bones to sophisticated DNA analysis, and many decades of rigorous peer-reviewed scrutiny in between.

In this 200th anniversary year of Darwin’s birth, “Why Evolution Is True” ranks among the best of new titles flooding bookstores….

He makes the case for evolution in a way that is eminently understandable, colorfully articulated, and relevant to our time.

Update: Jerry and I were apparently writing posts on this review simultaneously, so I didn’t see his post till mine went up.  If I knew how to delete a whole post I would, but I don’t know how!

5 thoughts on “WEIT reviewed in Christian Science Monitor

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    Love your blog btw.

  2. (from Greg Mayer)

    White Rabbit– Thanks for the info! Given that subsequent comments on Jerry’s post on the reviews have mentioned the Wilkinson review, including the cover image shown in this post, and that Jerry’s post dealt mostly with Scott’s review, I’ve decided to leave this here– you can see the dinosaur giving rise to the bird. I did feel really abashed though when I first posted it and saw Jerry had a post the hour before with nearly the same title. –GCM

  3. No worries, hopefully the info will be useful in the future.

    Our church radio group just did a segment on evolution and I wish they had read your book prior to attempting it. At least they found the talk origins website.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. You know, having always dismissed Christian Science as a wackier version of the xtianity, this is the first

  5. Sorry, accidentally tabbed and hit enter before finishing my comment….. Anyway, the point I was making is that I am suprised that Xtian Science acknowledges real science while denying its well established fruits (modern medicine). Somehow they seem even MORE ignorant than the Fundies, who at least have the pragmatism to make use of doctors.

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