Caturday: parties & butt-licking

August 1, 2015 • 10:36 am

by Grania

It’s Caturday again, and it is time to examine feline proclivities.

I’m not sure whether this falls under Cruel and Unusual or whether the cats even noticed, but this was to test whether cats liked listening to music: DEVO Cat Listening Party, you can watch 50 minutes of it at the link.

Verdict: I’m not sure the cats cared.

Our literate ancestors liked cats and they certainly made their way into medieval manuscripts in a variety of delightful poses, but there are also several images preserved for posterity of cats at their least elegant.

Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire: Cat licks butt.




Judgement Day: Cat Licks Butt

More here. Suffice to say, the cats don’t care.

Finally something a cat does care about: George sent us this:

My cat, Chirp, watching a mouse on our back step. Chirp got very worked up, whipping her tail around and scratching at the glass that separated them.


And a resume detailing a few other things that a cat might care about.



It is a truth, universally acknowledged that cats approve of sleep. So here’s a worthy post dedicated to sleeping kittens sleeping.


And after all that sleep of happiness, something else to celebrate. The BBC reports that the Iberian lynx returns to Spain from verge of extinction.

They certainly are spectacular beasts.

This is all due to an intensive conservation campaign, however they are not out of the woods yet as they are still endangered not only by humans but also by disease that is killing off rabbits which is their main source of food.

Something that cats may or may not care about is homage from humans. They probably feel it is their due, and so approve of it on general principles.

From The New Yorker, author and Humanities professor Joyce Carol Oates wrote  Jubilate: An Homage in Catterel* Verse.

Here’s an extract, you can read the rest over on The New Yorker:

For I will consider my Cat Cherie
for she is the very apotheosis of Cat-Beauty
which is to say, nothing extraordinary
for in the Cat, beauty is ordinary
like the bliss
upon us
in the hypnosis
of purr-
She has been known
to knead her claws
upon a sleeve.
And on a knee.
And on bare skin,
sharp claws sinking in—
just a warning.
For she is of the tribe of Tyger
and eyes burning bright
though cuddling
at night
until you wake to discover—
where is she? Cher-ie?
Don’t inquire.

Joyce Carol Oates, you will remember, was a fellow team-mate of Jerry’s in the Cat vs Dog debate in October last year.

And finally, what cats don’t approve of is flowers ( and possibly cheerful singing).



Hat-tip: T Fife, Matthew Cobb, George Boley,  TychaBrahe, Steve Kurtz,  Aidan Karley, Merilee.