Now that’s a crab

Update: Reader Dennis Hansen, a biologist who works on the Indian Ocean island of Aldabra in the Seychelles, which (like the Galapagos) has giant tortoises, sends three coconut crab photos and a note: Here’s a few photos of coconut crabs from Aldabra, for your perusal. They leave the giant tortoises alone, it seems. At least … Continue reading Now that’s a crab

Biology: a reader reports from Mauritius

Mauritius is a small volcanic island of about 2000 square kilometers, located 900 km east of Madagascar.   Because of its origin as an oceanic island that formed bereft of any life, it’s home to many rare and endemic species (some of which, like the dodo, are extinct). When I asked readers to send photos of … Continue reading Biology: a reader reports from Mauritius

The biology of Mauritius: part 2

Yesterday I presented some photographs and descriptions by biologist Dennis Hansen of his work on the isolated island of Mauritius.  That only scratched the surface of the amazing biology of the endemic species on this island, and I want to finish up this brief lesson with some more show-and-tell. Dennis also sent me an reallly … Continue reading The biology of Mauritius: part 2