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Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, ca. 2006-2020

by Greg Mayer Peyton, the Philosophical (or Philosophickal) Cat died Wednesday. She was 14-15 years old. Peyton was familiar to WEIT readers, making her first appearance early in WEIT’s history, and her last (save this one) was last Christmas. Peyton had been ill for about a year. The first sign was a behavioral issue—urinating outside […]

Peyton on Futuyma

by Greg Mayer Today was the first day of class for Biological Sciences 314 Evolutionary Biology, and already last night Peyton, the Philosophickal Cat, was well into her reading of Doug Futuyma‘s Evolution. Here, she’s boning up on the evolutionary developmental biology of wing and bristle morphology in insects. To her right is a list […]

Peyton’s Christmas

by Greg Mayer For Christmas, Peyton got a laser tower– a device that shines a randomly moving laser off a mirror. Peyton has long enjoyed playing with a laser mouse (hand held device, in the shape of a mouse). In fact, she seeks us out to play with it at about 8 PM each day, […]

Peyton’s National Cat Day

by Greg Mayer I had not realized that yesterday was National Cat Day, but, alerted to the fact by Jerry, and following his advice that “treats and catnip are even better”, I was able to arrange an impromptu celebration with Peyton, the Philosophical Cat. Fortunately, we had just harvested the catnip crop a week earlier, […]

Sympathy for the human: further consideration of my cat Peyton

by Greg Mayer I gave a public lecture yesterday at my university entitled “Is There a Moral Instinct?”  Part of what I did was to elaborate on the theme of Steve Pinker’s rudimentary moral sentiments– sympathy, trust, retribution, gratitude, guilt– and how I see them exemplified in the behavior of my cat, Peyton.  I showed […]

Do animals have morality? A response: “For I will consider my cat Peyton”

A moral cat? An alert reader, my friend and colleague Dr. Greg Mayer from The University of Wisconsin, Parkside, read Steven Pinker’s thoughts on the evolution of morality (posted below) and informed me that he saw the rudiments of morality in his cat Peyton (pictured above). I asked him why, and he responded with an […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue (and Mietek monologue)

It’s Tuesday, the cruelest day: March 24, 2020: National Cake Pop Day, an overly small dessert rejected by all food mavens, as well as National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, a snack that one of my friends used to call “rabbit turds”. It’s also National Cheesesteak Day, an indigenous and estimable American sandwich, National Cocktail Day, […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

Good morning on the start of a new week (unless you’re west of the International Date Line): Monday, February 10, 2020. It’s National Cream Cheese Brownie Day as well as National “Have a Brownie” Day, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the scare quotes. Are you only supposed to pretend you had […]

Christmas kitties

by Greg Mayer Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, is not much moved by the holidays, except that, with someone at home during the day more frequently, she’ll be able to have her midday treat more often—her choice between salmon snacks or a paté. Unusually, she’s not taken to sleeping under the tree this year, but she […]

Belated Caturday felid: Leon gets a brother

Greg posted a Caturday felid yesterday (his own cat Peyton), and now we have news from Wloclawek, Poland, where Elzbieta and Andrzej the Second, owners of Leon, have adopted a stray and abused kitten. Malgorzata tells the story: Yesterday Andrzej II went to a village nearby where, in the local library, he had a meeting […]