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The Kalven Report of 1967, supposedly ensuring the political neutrality of the University of Chicago

In 1967, President George Beadle of the University of Chicago (a Nobel-winning geneticist and also an avowed atheist) convened a committee whose charge was to “prepare a statement on the University’s role in social and political action.” This was the result of many people calling for the University to take positions on political issues like […]

U of C President clarifies and affirms University’s refusal to take official stands on political, ideological, and moral issues

For a while I’ve been dismayed by the posting of statement after woke statement on departmental websites of the University of Chicago, all espousing doctrines adhering to Critical Race Theory or the Black Lives Matter movement, and often castigating their own group for a past history of racism in a University department or school—a history […]

More violations of my University’s principle of political neutrality

I hope you’ve kept up at least minimally with what I’ve written about the University of Chicago and the Kalven Report—the 1967 document that set the tone for University discourse by declaring that the school would remain neutral on all issues of morality, ideology, and politics, with a few rare exceptions having to do with […]

Ben Schwarz on the University of Chicago’s new grad-school admissions policy

I’ve written several posts about the dissolution of The University of Chicago’s commitment to free expression, embodied in the Kalven Report‘s mandate that—except in exceptional circumstances involving University operation—our school should take no official stand on any issues of morality, ideology, or politics (see, for instance, here, here, and here). And up to now it […]

U of C English Department now accepting only grad students intending to work in Black studies

In July I wrote about a statement that the Department of English put on its webpage—a statement about social justice that, I thought, contravened the University of Chicago’s Kalven Principles by allowing an official unit of the University to espouse and adhere to ideological principles. (Kalven encourages individual faculty to state their views, but forbids […]

A hard case to make a good law: the ideological impurity of David Starkey

The original saying I paraphrase above, from Oliver Wendell Holmes, is “hard cases make bad law”, meaning you shouldn’t erect general principles based on extreme cases. But in this instance, regarding the defenestration of scholars who say things unpalatable to their peers, or odious things in general, these are the hard cases that should be […]

Wokeness escalates at the University of Chicago: the school ignores its own “foundational principle” of not publicly espousing political or ideological views, and student activists occupy campus police headquarters

UPDATE: Professor Brian Leiter of the Law School (he’s the director of the Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values) added this comment to my public Facebook notice about this whole post: _________________________ I’m deeply saddened at how woke The University of Chicago is becoming. The students, of course, are far woker than the faculty, […]

At long last, the University of Chicago contravenes its own principles of political and ideological neutrality

One by one, elite American colleges and universities (as well as the less prestigious ones) are giving in to Wokeness, rushing to embrace Critical Race Theory, trying to suppress “hate speech,” and indoctrinating students with a preferred ideology when they arrive on campus.  The University of Chicago hasn’t been immune to this, but I’ve taken […]

Alan Dershowitz, in Newsweek, decries the University of Chicago’s adherence to Groupthink

Say what you will about Alan Dershowitz, but in his new piece in Newsweek (below) he’s right—and by that I mean he agrees with me. Dershowitz’s article is about the University of Chicago, and in particular the English Department’s new Statement of RightThink, along with its announcement  that grad students in the next year’s class […]

The incursion of identity politics into science

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the place of identity politics (and, lately, the fight against racism) in science, and had some more thoughts when I read a new article in Quillette by two French scientists. (Click on screenshot.) The title pretty much tells it all: the authors see “racial tribalism” in America—the infusion […]