One response to Agustín Fuentes’s Darwin-dissing

On May 21 the anthropologist Agustín Fuentes published a tirade in Science against Darwin for being racist, sexist, and white supremacist—the inevitable takedown of a man who was far more liberal than his Victorian contemporaries (Darwin was, for one thing, an ardent abolitionist). And yes, Darwin did entertain some views that were racist and sexist, … Continue reading One response to Agustín Fuentes’s Darwin-dissing

A comment worth highlighting

Just to give kudos to a reader for some cogent remarks, here is a comment from “Rupert Pupkin” on my post “Agustin Fuentes once again flaunts his virtue via misleading statements.” The indented bit is from Fuentes’s Daily Princetonian article: The Social Justice theocrats are almost impossible to debate, as they are fundamentalists who honestly believe … Continue reading A comment worth highlighting

A bizarre blood-sucking Jurassic maggot

by Matthew Cobb Just out in eLife, an Open Access journal that aims to rival Science and Nature, is this fantastic fossil of an aquatic fly larva from the Chinese mid-Jurassic (around 165 MY ago), published by Chen et al. Soft-bodied animals rarely fossilise well, but the Chinese fossil-hunters have been able to find three … Continue reading A bizarre blood-sucking Jurassic maggot