Central Park squirrel census

Because of a paucity of readers’ wildlife photos (I do have some, so if you sent them have patience), I’m deferring posting those till tomorrow, replacing them with a SQUIRREL CENSUS post by Greg: by Greg Mayer We’ve long been fans of squirrels here at WEIT, and so I was quite pleased to come across … Continue reading Central Park squirrel census

Readers’ wildlife photos

Our tank is running low, though I have a reserve from just a few photographers. Please send in your good wildlife photos lest I be forced to deep-six this feature. Thanks! Today we have four photos from reader Garry VanGelderen from Ontario, whose captions are indented. Here is an American Red squirrel (also known as … Continue reading Readers’ wildlife photos

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have some odds and ends today, including some photos that have been in the queue too long. The tank of photos is dropping, so do send your good wildlife photos (remember, astronomy and landscape photos also count). Reader Barn Owl sent some bird photos taken in Japan I’m pretty sure that the bird in … Continue reading Readers’ wildlife photographs

Squirrels of a different color

by Greg Mayer Squirrels are, of course, perennial favorites here at WEIT, being known as honorary cats. They also present a number of interesting phenomena of within and among population variation in easily observable traits like pelage color. Because these variations are often known even to casual observers, I often use squirrels as examples when … Continue reading Squirrels of a different color

More beasts from the Vancouver Aquarium

Here are some more photos I took at the Vancouver Aquarium, with today’s concentrating on the beasts shown me by frog researcher and conservationist Kris Rossing, my host. Arriving at Stanley Park to walk to the Aquarium, I was struck by the number of black squirrels. I noticed a lot more yesterday on the campus of the … Continue reading More beasts from the Vancouver Aquarium