Caturday felid trifecta: Cat boogie woogie; woman adopts 12 fluffy Persians; cat positions itself in train station for maximum pets; and lagniappe

October 23, 2021 • 9:30 am

First we have a cat who seems to enjoy sitting on the piano mechanism while its staff plays boogie woogie. This is a very chill cat. At times it looks a bit perturbed, especially during the runs, but it doesn’t go away.


From Paws Planet we have this story (click on screenshot):

Note that Persian cats need daily brushing, so this is a busy lady. Some excerpts and photos:

If you think the life of a woman who has 3 or more kids is chaos, just look at this cat mom. She has 12 cats but she still feeds them pretty well without someone’s help. Her name is Michelle who lives in Japan and owns 12 Persian cats. She runs the Instagram page 12 Cats Lady where she shares photos of her adorable cats.

It started with one abandoned kitten rescued wet and freezing from the middle of the road. She took Yuki home and then she decided to adopt to two more Persian beauties. But what about the other nine? They are their children from the same litter! The lady assures that the cats are all spayed and neutered now so there’s no chance of having more kitties.

And as you’ll see in the pictures, all 12 are very needy, and have strong personalities. She is completely happy with all her cats, and calls herself a “cat mom” instead. She hopes to break each and every one of the cat lady stereotypes. Scroll down to enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

The Fluffsters:

And eating, arrayed by color!




Cat tree with ornaments:

And the staff with her bosses:


This video is two years old, but I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Chill turnstile cat! What I don’t understand are all the people who fail to pet the cat. (Only three ladies do.)


Lagniappe: Monkey teaches cat to eat yogurt, and there are other primate/felid interactions. I think the affection goes only one way, though. . .

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16 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: Cat boogie woogie; woman adopts 12 fluffy Persians; cat positions itself in train station for maximum pets; and lagniappe

  1. I was surprised the cat did not bite the monkey. The lady with a dozen cats is partially nuts. Just hauling the cat litter would be a full time job. Find out how allergic you are with one visit.

    1. Indeed. But is that a teeeny little monkey or a ginormous kitty?

      I’m surprised so few people acknowledged the turnstile cat – it seemed to be a busy time of day, but still…!

        1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I certainly couldn’t – even stopping momentarily for a few kind words, if I was worried about getting scratched.

  2. Some of the people at the turnstile seemed to be wary of the cat, as if it would harm them in some way.
    The cat with the monkey was incredibly tolerant of the poking and prying of its person. I’ve seen this with human babies. They aren’t particularly pleased about the poking and prying but the biting and scratching they might do to someone older is well attenuated.
    I agree about the litter. I have 4 all indoor and the litter is in my opinion great enough. And the mess of having unaltered cats in heat is waay too much!

  3. Is it just the camera angle, or am I right in thinking that the piano player in the first clip has really
    long fingers?

    1. I think it’s just the angle. Although as many guitar teachers justifiably say, “Don’t blame your stubby little fingers – haven’t you seen what Angus Young can do with his?” Perhaps not the standard many players aspire to, but I think for most the point is well made. The examples of guitarists with missing or injured fingers, such as Django Reinhardt and Tony Iommi , usually swiftly follow. It ain’t what you got, it’s how you use it, as they say.

  4. Anyone else concerned that there is no context given for Bibi the monkey or any of the other animals on that YouTube channel? Just a Paypal link to send money. I don’t want to click on any more videos to try to find information on why and how Bibi is there and not with his mother. Or why he’s put in clothing with very elaborate staged settings.

    1. Yes, Katey – similar concerns were raised below the line after an earlier WEIT post:

      I agree that such content is troubling, but personally I think that the onus should be on the platforms, like YouTube, who host the original videos and not on those, like Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) here at WEIT, who include links to them in their posts in good faith.

      1. Oh I apologize if it seemed I was thinking there was anything other than good intentions by our host. These ‘cute animal videos’ get lumped in with legitimate animal rescues and it’s hard to tell sometimes. And yes, YT is absolutely responsible for monetizing these accounts. I see them on Instagram too unfortunately. I’ve been seeing a bit too much of them lately, and I guess I’m on a hair trigger.

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