Cat survives long fall by being netted in an American flag!

September 13, 2021 • 2:00 pm

Ceiling Cat bless America! This is a lucky cat who was saved by some nice people. The moggie was hanging precariously from a cable at Miami’s Hard Rock stadium the other day during a football game. The crowd is disturbed (listen to their moans), but some enterprising folks repurposed an American flag to catch the falling cat. It’s caught and was apparently uninjured.

I always wonder when a cat runs out on a baseball field or football pitch, and it gets caught and removed, what happens to it. Such cats, who are television stars, should be adopted, but I always worry about their fate. Could they be sent to a shelter and euthanized?

This particularly handsome cat should definitely be adopted. I tried to find out what happened to it, but found bupkes. If you know, please tell us in the comments.


h/t: Thomas

3 thoughts on “Cat survives long fall by being netted in an American flag!

  1. Don’t know what happened to the cat but I think that guy got a few scratches. Another question would be how the hell did the cat get up there?

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