11 thoughts on “Bird- squirrel- and chipmunk-feeding machine

  1. Ha! Cute, but too much work! We have 8 feeders (four for birds only, four for squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, birds) and then three hummingbird feeders located at different points around the house. Most important – the shared bird bath for all of the cute little critters.

    1. I suspect that Cantor would have recognised a medium-sized infinity of clicks. Shorter than any of the major infinities of the imagination, but longer than trivial infinities like the billions years of each grain of sand-sized sediment.

  2. Squirrels are smart, they’ll soon learn to order out from Domino’s! (Apologies in advance…)

    1. Thanks Paul, I’d seen earlier incarnations of the squirrel mazes but that final Fort Nutz one was excellent!

  3. What kept the squirrels from crawling directly into the black tub food launcher and feasting there?

    1. They went to Eton and learned honourable behaviour there.

      No, I don’t believe it either. Even if they had aerial support from 333 – the Little Piggy Squadron.

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