Bill Maher’s latest show with James Carville and Nicholas Kristof:

May 30, 2021 • 1:00 pm

Update:  And. . . . readers dd and cesar sent another link to the entire show. Try this one.

Also, reader Debra sent a summary of the show, which, she says, wasn’t nearly as good as the original. Note, though, that the summary is at Fox News Entertainment. However, I think there are some clips of the show online. I recommend you watching the link above ASAP!


Reader Enrico sent a link to the full Bill Maher show on HBO two days ago.I watched about half an hour of it this morning and enjoyed it, especially James Carville discussing politics and wokeness in his LSU shirt. Maher gave Nick Kristof a bit of a lesson in Israeli history, but I didn’t get to the end of that before the ducks called me to the pond.

Right now the show seems seems to have disappeared, but if anyone can find it legally, please give a link below and email me. In that hope, here are Enrico’s notes:Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), May 28, 2021

4:50-7:22 (parts of monologue on there being no Senate commission on the Jan 6 capitol Hill riot);

21:00 start of discussion with James Carville and Nicholas Kristof: The GOP’s Slow-Moving Coup

26:05 -35:00 James Carville on the woke damaging the Democratic Party; followed by discussion of some of the woke shit (how it is counterproductive)

35:00 – 37:30 Las Vegas is reopening [pretty funny]

37:20 -46:45 Israel-Palestinian conflict [very interesting]; among other things, Bill schooling leftist on the history of the region

16 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s latest show with James Carville and Nicholas Kristof:

  1. ‘wokeness in his LSU shirt’ – LSU has bigger problems with the Sports Department than wokeness right now.

  2. It was definitely one of his better shows. Perhaps it was due to him being off for a couple of weeks because of a positive COVID test.

    One thing I remember from the show was that Kristof was a lot more accommodating to the Woke point of view than was Carville. Carville has been pretty vocal here and elsewhere on how Woke slogans are a big liability to Democrats in their campaigns.

    1. I think what Carville will was attempting to say on the Woke business is – it is way over blown. I could be wrong but Bill hardly let anyone do much talking.

      1. I think he was saying that Wokeness by the Left is bad because it allows the Right to exaggerate it. One Democrat says something wokish and the GOP pretends it is part of the Democratic platform and doubles down on the outrage. Biden is doing a good job keeping his agenda moderate but, meanwhile, GOP politicians backed by Fox News pick up on anything that’s said and turn it into an apocalyptic pronouncement.

    2. Carville is always entertaining. Maybe he gets this whole stuff for what it is because he’s married to a Republican.

      1. Maybe but he seems like he’s simply a smart guy with a lot of experience in politics. His accent and manner of speaking adds to the fun. I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention the short-lived series “K Street” in which he and his wife had fairly prominent roles for non-actors.

        1. He’s very down to earth and doesn’t care what people think. There was an amusing lockdown episode of Maher’s show where he wandered his house looking for better wifi.

  3. A great show. I particularly liked him saying he was vaccinated (clearly not anti-vax here) got the virus and wasn’t even knowing it. Good for the vaccine.
    I also liked him for teaching (very summarily, of course) Kristof about Israel and the Middle East.
    So many other good ones, such as Making Trump look bad/false flag. The man is soooooo funny.
    One of his best shows.

    1. Your maths only works out if the intersection of the 73% and the 21% is the empty set. I’d like to see some justification for that assumption.

      And to anticipate one possible argument you might make: I’ll remind you that these are Republicans. These are people, some of whom wanted to abolish Obamacare but who quite liked the Affordable Care Act and were prepared to say so on TV.

      1. Yeah, it occurred to me there might be some overlap. But I gave them the (likely unjustified) benefit of the doubt on consistency. It’s Republicans we’re talkin’ about, after all.

      2. Thanks for reminding us of the Obamacare/ACA conundrum. Perhaps we can embarrass these stupid people back to some semblance of rationality, or just reality. “If you are this stupid, you should switch over to the Democrats.” Ok, it needs work. 😉

  4. Oh spare me Nicholas Kristoff and his faith wagon. DAMN IT!

    A man who can identify and accurately report on a lot of hurt and harm here in the US and especially in the 3rd world who has such “respect for faaaaaith” and religion – at times the very CAUSE of those problems … is beyond help.

    I don’t read him anymore. He can keep his Jesus / Mo / Faaaaith, and all the suffering it causes.

    —yes- who HAS been drinking, with his dog who hasn’t:

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