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  1. Won’t this duckling have imprinted on you and, if so, how do you get it to accept Honey as its mother?

    1. I also had this question. But then I wondered if perhaps the duckling had imprinted on its actual mother before coming into contact with Jerry.

  2. I have been following all day. What a nice tribute to President Zimmer and a great role model for the little guy. I hope that he will join his brothers and sisters tomorrow.

  3. You know it’s probably a good idea you don’t have a cat. Anyway, glad you have a good outcome.

  4. I would love to spend a night with a peep. Unfortunately, our d*g wouldn’t allow it. 🙁 You look content and happy, and I’m glad for that.

  5. As a keeper of ducks for 26 years it does seem to me that the idea of ducks Imprinting on people is probably a myth.They are incredibly motivated by food, and will follow anyone with food. That famous photo of Lorenz being chased by ducks and geese is not because of the man, but simply because he was carrying a bucket.
    Ducks are probably more intelligent than crows. Another example of duck strategies…
    When I am making dinner for friends, the ducks cluster by the back door in expectation of extra food. I would normally carry scraps over to an upturned trash lid 30 metres away, so the ducks go and wait there. But one will usually hide by the back door and run between my feet trying to trip me. When it first happened I thought it was an accident, but it is a regular thing. It happens nearly every time. It is, of course, a high-risk strategy for the tripping duck because she will usually be late to the feeding trough by a few seconds…which makes all the difference to duck food frenzy. But I continue to be tripped almost every time by a single duck. Ducks are so strategic about food that poor Lorenz was fooled by them, but thereagain he never kept ducks and was only a visitor to the farm.
    More about duck strategy later…

    Cats are smart, but ducks are smarter!


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