Posting slowdown on account of duck farming

May 3, 2021 • 2:00 pm

Posting will be light for at least a week, as duck farming is proving more time-consuming than I anticipated. Please bear with me, as I’ll be back. In the meantime, I’ve asked Greg and Matthew to pick up some of the slack if they have time.

The good news is that all of Dorothy’s ten babies are healthy, vigorous, and eating very well. But Honey is still sitting on her nest, and who knows what awaits?

Two days old!

Babies underneath getting warm, dry, and oiled:

Everybody loves watching ducklings. Sometimes the crowds can be a bit overwhelming!

16 thoughts on “Posting slowdown on account of duck farming

  1. Lovely photos – and much better weather than here in the UK, where it has been a national holiday (perhaps why there have been fewer comments than usual?) and so naturally it has been cold, wet, and miserable all day.

  2. I know those cypresses are valued by the University at several thousand dollars each. What are the ducks worth?

  3. Just checking in late, Boss! Love the duck updates. They add great joy to my day, so many thanks for your devotion to these adorable critters. Can’t wait to see Honey and her brood do the Great Leap Forward!

    1. I hope so, but Honey’s brood is due any day, and that’s only a three-day gap in the broods. Last year, with the ducknappings, it was a two-day gap. I’m quite nervous.

  4. That “two days old” picture – omg it doesn’t get much cuter than that.

    And people wearing shorts! No here, that’s for sure. I had the wood stove on last night.

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