9 thoughts on “Half an hour until the SpaceX launch

  1. Yep Crew is now safely in orbit and booster apparently safely landed on drone ship platform in the Atlantic. Wow – zero to Mach 1 in one minute straight up!

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    1. Whoops, wrong thread.

      What I get for tryin’ to watch the replay of the launch and comment at the same time.

  3. I watched it from the end of my driveway, more than 30 miles southwest of Jacksonville, Florida. It was a spectacular launch. Atmospheric conditions produced a beautiful halo effect around the main engines of both stages and also every time the steering thrusters fired on the first stage after it separated. The weather was clear enough to see the exhaust from the second stage engine until it disappeared behind a neighbor’s trees eight minutes after launch (altitude about 200 kilometers and several hundred miles to the northeast). Night launches to the space station track northeast along the coast and are always pretty impressive (the shuttle was so bright it cast shadows in my yard from over 180 kilometers away) but this one was truly magnificent viewing.

    1. Thanks for this post. I am in southeast virginia not far from the ocean. Our deck was about 35 feet above the james river facing northeast across what was basically an infinite fetch of water to the chesapeake bay and atlantic ocean. So i am about 1000 miles north of you. For night shuttle launches to station, i could watch the launch on live stream from the cape,, then, seven or eight minutes later, go out to the deck and watch the very bright flame of the shuttle main engines as it climbed northeast over the ocean. Very bright and significant in length. It took about 16 hours to drive to the cape from virginia, two hours to fly in an airliner, but 8 minutes for the space shuttle…while climbing vertically to the edge of space. Amazing!

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