12 thoughts on “Spot the cats!

  1. Four of them are easy. But there’s so much *stuff* there that I can’t tell if I’m looking at some pottery, a narrow pail, or a cat.

  2. I count four. But why is the esteemed Professor Cobb climbing onto the roofs of his neighbours’ houses to take photographs of his cats?

      1. That makes more sense. The style of architecture is typical of Victorian-era workers’ housing in many English industrial cities, with long, parallel terraces of houses backing onto a shared alleyway. That being the case, the folks across the way will have an identical view (minus the cats), and I’m guessing that the photograph was taken from a dormer window in the roof of the house.

  3. My guess

    1. on the brown trash bin
    2 and 3. near the baby blue bag near the centre
    4. inside the 2nd from right window
    5. on the shed between the two rightmost window

  4. An unmistakably English urban landscape: Victorian terraces, UPVC windows, felt-roofed sheds, and cats. Oh, and wheelie bins; another staple of the Great British garden.

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