Reader’s wildlife paintings

December 25, 2020 • 9:15 am

I wasn’t going to put up a readers’ wildlife feature today, but Jacques Hausser from Switzerland sent me a series of lovely beetle drawings that he did to illustrate Christmas cards. So here’s his Christmas card to us. Jacques’ commentary:

Just before the era of digital photography, I realised that I didn’t know anything about entomology. To begin with insects, I decided to draw (and to try to identify) some coleopterans. This virtuous decision didn’t survive the arrival of my first digital camera, and I turned to photography.  During this cloudy and rainy December, I looked back at these old drawings, and I thought it was a good idea to use them to make some Christmas gifts. Then, as I hadn’t sent any valuable photos to Jerry for a long time, I thought I’d submit the result to “Readers’ wildlife photos” even if they are not photos. I arranged the drawings in three plates without respect for the relative size of the beetles or their systematic position. And a caveat: some names may be old, and I cannot exclude a mistake!
There are three plates (in order), and I’ll put the identifications of the beetles below the fold. Click to enlarge.
Plate 1:

Plate 2:

Plate 3:

Click “read more” for the IDs:

Names are given from left to right in each row:
Plate 1:
Acilius sulcatus, Agonum dorsale, Cetonia aurata, Clytra quadripunctata, Pachyta quadrimaculata
Trichodes alvearius, Pterosychus metallicus, Cicindella sylvicola, Balaninus tesselatus, Chrysochloa gloriosa
Chalcoides aaurata, Cantharis rustica. Badister bipustulatus, Coccinella septempunctata, Anthoxia nitidula

Plate 2: 
Adelastica alni, Calathus melanocephalus Agapantia v¡olacea, Cicindella campestris, Clytus  arietis
Trichodes apiarius, Ctenicera virens, Lebodostomis longimana, Liparus germanus, Chalcoides aurata
Propylea 14-punctata, Notiophilus biguttatus, Gaurotes virgineus, Hister purpurascens, Leptura maculata

Plate 3: 
Agonum 6-puncttatum, Aphodius rufipes, Carabus cf granulatus, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, Leptura bifasciata
Malthodes trifurcatus. Malysia 14-guttata, Hoplia argentata, Mordella fasciata, Oreocarabus hortensis
Selatosomus aeneus, Trichius fasciator, Sphaeridium scaraboides, Phyllobius urticae, Opatrum sabulosum

30 thoughts on “Reader’s wildlife paintings

  1. Jewel like, so beautiful.

    I didn’t know that that photo of Hili and Cyrus would appear by my name but what a pair they were.

    1. Yes, I’m using the excellent pencils “Prismalo” form Caran d’Ache (a Swiss brand). You can draw and then modify the result with a small paintbrush dipped in water.

    1. A ggod soft plastic eraser does miracles ! But it is better to keep the mistakes in the first step, that is the light black and white sketch…

  2. This wonderful example in technical art form protracts a great realization of the diversity of life. Could there be a better clue to this all happening by chance?
    Well done!

    1. I just checked: you can download them directly from WEIT. Help yourself, every reader interested! For printing, the rendering is OK on photographic paper glossy, size A4.

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