10 thoughts on “ZeFrank on reptile tongues

  1. The YouTube comments about “Jerry” tend to be quite funny. I love these videos and watch them the instant they come up in my feed. I think he IS tending ever more to put good, serious biology into the videos, possibly because he’s getting more and more offers of help from serious biologists who want to have a part in his work (I think he has always done this at least to some degree, though, with the possible exception of “True Facts about Morgan Freeman”).

    1. ZeFrank refers to Bob, too of course…

      I’m not sure if he’s getting more biology in, but the videos are a brilliant mix of informative material and humo(u)r.

  2. When humans do this [flick their tongues in the air, in a repeated, oscillating up-and-down movement], it’s called an HR violation.

    Just ask Manny from Scarface:

  3. Cool. Sent to my friend who has a lizard named Rex. A few weeks ago Rex went crazy and started diffing up dirt all over his quite large terrarium, about half a bedroom. They had no idea what was wrong. Turns out Rex was laying eggs.

    His/her new name is T-Rex

  4. I’m not the only one who assumes that the true identity of the mysterious (and somewhat lubricious) “Jerry” to whom Mr Franks refers is most likely a well known author on evolutionary matters.

  5. Best one yet! Truly amazing! I was eating a burrito while watching this and was a little unsettled but couldn’t look away. Vortices!

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