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June 19, 2020 • 2:30 pm

Well, we now have four people in the queue, as readers have stepped up to the plate.  Here’s one of them, David Forsey, who sent two photos. His captions are indented:

My wife, Lyn, and I on a trip to the Galapagos islands. Alas – not so much travel in the immediate future. Any picture of us in the pandemic has us sitting in front of computer screens all day.

Lyn is a prof currently in a research term, and I’m a game designer so working remotely has hardly slowed us down at all as far as work is concerned.

Well, that’s my foot, so technically it’s a picture of me – along with the boss of the house and his pet dog.

15 thoughts on “Photos of readers

    1. Indeed! And notice how the boss is controlling his pet dog with a paw over paw. No funny stuff unless boss allows it (well, except for the tongue).

  1. A game designer, how very interesting! Gaming is a whole dimension of life I know almost nothing about. I gather it is somewhat like a black hole. In any case, I bet lots of folks are gravitating towards gaming while in lock down.

  2. On the premise that there are no stupid questions, how does one submit readers photos or wildlife photos? Which email are they sent to? Or is there an upload page somewhere?

  3. I prefer cats but it is cute the way your doggie seems to be trying to imitate a pussycat by the little tongue gesture.

    I just played Half Life Alyx, the first game other than sims that I have bothered with for a while.

  4. Game sales are way up during the pandemic, especially video games as people try to fill up their, and their children’s time in isolation.
    I use Remote Desktop to sign in to my work machine, and it’s almost as responsive as being there. As a cancer survivor, I have to treat myself as immuno-compromised for another 6 months. I may not physically go back to work until there’s a vaccine.

    Re: The boss

    At the time the picture was taken we had two dogs, two cats, two kids, a fisH tank, and a couple of pet rats.

    The other dog, a lab/Shepard/border collie cross was getting on in years and the two cats would insist on tagging along for the morning amble around the block.

    Two big dogs, with our calico strutting along under their legs, with the orange tabby skittering behind wondering why there was a parade, but refusing to be left out.

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