16 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the rong religion

    1. I don’t think beer is mentioned at all in the Bible now that you mention the subject. Maybe this is why Mediterranean folk abandoned the old Hymn to Ninkasi beverages. Beer isn’t miraculous enough?

      1. Neither, AFAIK, could the benevolent, all-creating G*d be bothered to deliver the recope for soap to Moses et ux.

            1. As my Dad used to say, American beer is like making love in a boat: F*cking close to water!
              This was before the craft beer explosion mind you.

      1. “Drink cold, piss warm.”

        — Henry Miller, Black Spring (quoting Trimalchio from Petronius’s Satyricon)

      2. Back in the days when coolant systems weren’t as effective as now, some climbing friends of my Dad went to North Wales for a weekend’s rock climbing. The van broke down at one point because the engine had overheated and the radiator boiled over.

        They needed some new coolant but the only liquid they had was a crate of beer. They were just about to pour it into the radiator when somebody said “wait! Let’s drink it first”.

        Eventually they got going again and inevitably the radiator boiled over again. This time the cloud of vapour that enveloped the van definitely didn’t smell like water.

          1. Does urine help jellyfish stings?

            No: urine isn’t an effective sting ointment. In fact, it can make matters worse. So says Jennifer Ping, an emergency medicine physician at Straub Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu, who conducted a study last fall on the efficacy of various jellyfish sting treatments.

            1. So I’ve heard, which is why I referred to it as “a folk remedy.”

              I can tell you that it’s still frequently employed down here by Florida Man.

              1. I’d like to meet Florida Man one of these days. He sound like a colorful chap. 😎

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