It’s a bird, it’s a plane. . . . it’s Chicago!

April 16, 2020 • 9:30 am

I’m having severe trouble concentrating on writing today, and I’m 100% sure this is malaise from lockdown and all the bad news. I am also getting grumpy.

Here, have two pictures of Chicago that I took yesterday evening from my crib. One has a bird in it, the other a plane. I have to say that the view of downtown is much clearer than usual; perhaps this is due to a lack of air pollution. After all, there’s hardly any traffic.

Spot the bird (extra points if you identify it):

Final approach to O’Hare (spot the plane):

24 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane. . . . it’s Chicago!

    1. My original guess was that is a bald eagle but now I am left wondering if the wingspan was wide enough, and I don’t know of any other white headed birds in the U.S. to suggest any other.

      I cannot see any aircraft so I shall hazard a guess at a 767 just because no one else did.

      1. Correction: Spotted the aircraft (or budgie smudge on thedead window) 1/3 from left across, and 1/3 up from bottom of screen. Could be a UFO looking from here though … or that budgie smudge.

  1. I see the bird and it has fairly large wings but I can’t see it clearly enough (maybe an eagle).

    I could not find the plane although 4 other spots on my screen tells me it is time to clean it.

  2. The bird looks like a turkey vulture to me. No idea what the plane is. It makes me realize that I haven’t seen a plane flying overhead in some time, which makes sense as I assume there aren’t many flights these days. This makes me wonder to what extent domestic flights have been curtailed here in Canada. I have to admit I have no idea. I wonder whether others are like me and are beginning to experience “virus fatigue”. I’ve stopped watching the news and the only information I get these days is from CBC radio when I’m in the car. That’s enough.

  3. Obviously a hawk or eagle. Does Chicago have Bald Eagles? More likely a hawk, as a more common species, presumably. Osprey isn’t a bad guess, with that little crook in the wing. If I couldn’t find it, I’d have guessed (knowing Jerry) that it was a duck.

  4. Not really much of a toddlin’ town since the shelter-in-place order took effect, now is it?

    Hell, bet you can’t even see a man dance with his wife these days, except on video.

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