Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the pandemic

March 25, 2020 • 11:45 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “safe,” came with an email note containing two news links and a Patreon link:

Of course, there are some who genuinely think this is god’s punishment. Here are two:

Islamic scholar who called coronavirus “Act of Allah” gets infected

The 11th plague? Pastor claims coronavirus is God’s punishment for sin

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Mo shouldn’t be drinking, of course, but he does like his Guinness! At any rate, the strip is pretty good: “We just have to keep the impure at a safe distance” indeed!


8 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the pandemic

  1. What will really make you upchuck is the guy who already got the virus, thanking g*d for saving him.

  2. When humans ‘really believe something’ like their religion, or even that ‘they are in love’ reason disappears, until of course we change our mind to something else. Then it repeats … like Nagel changing from atheist to believer… gag. It just shows how stupid we all are! Even Feynman said that we alway fool ourselves.

  3. It’s always a shock to hear that supernatural omnipotent Divinities can unleash virus or tornadoes at will but are unable to appear in the sky and say to every humans: “stop being silly, these are my Rules! Follow them!”

    And what happens to (religious) free will when a deity send punishment without warning? Is the message “do what you want but I will punish you if you act freely in a way that I find incorrect”?

    1. A root problem with religion and it’s reliance on texts is that none of it can confirmed. The bible, for example, written decades after the supposed Jesus died, had to have been concocted from oral accounts. How accurate could that be? With 10,000 denominations having different interpretations of the texts, total confusion reigns. Now what fool would think that any god worth his offerings would set people up with such a flimsy instruction set. If a school teacher gave instruction this poorly such that virtually none of the students had it strait, they’d be fired for incompetence. See Matt Dillahunty’s latest on The Atheist Experience for more on this.

        1. I guess they forgot what their Jeebus said to the rich man huh?

          No, they remembered perfectly well what Jesus said to the rich man. That’s why they had to make sure the masses didn’t get to read it (or hear it, if illiterate) for themselves.

          I seem to be very cynical today.

  4. Is it my imagination, or are J&M sitting farther apart in the last frame than normal? Methinks there may be a subtle layer to the “we have to keep the impure at a distance” comment.

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