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October 8, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Send in your photos, or I’ll run out!

Today’s photo is of reader Michael Day, who sent two pictures and the indented captions:

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of me doing what I love to do; fly fishing and kayaking (and kayak-fishing). In one of the pictures I’m holding a spotted bass that I caught in the Middle Oconee River, just down the road from my house in Oconee County, Georgia (near Athens, GA).

The other picture was taken by my son as we paddled our kayaks through the marshes surrounding Jekyll Island, GA.

11 thoughts on “Photos of readers

    1. For the fish in the posted picture, I was wading in the river, which has some access points at bridges, etc.

      I have kayaked the North Oconee/Oconee Rivers recently–in the past few weeks–and the water is extremely low (GA is in a state-wide drought). I got stuck multiple time on rocks and sandbars. Generally, the Oconee River system is perfect for “float-fishing”, and you can just fish while you float, or “beach” the kayak and fish from a sandbar.

      1. Tilley hats are great! My Tilley hat is a little different from yours, Michael. It’s too big for me, but it was a gift from my brother and I love it, as it shields my shoulders from the rain. It’s a size 7 7/8, and the widest points are 15″ and 16″ apart.

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time in the great outdoors. Fly fishing is a blast. Nice beard as well; I’m jealous ’cause my beard sucks. 🙂

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