Duck quickies

July 28, 2019 • 8:51 am

No, not copulations, just three photos I took with my iPhone camera (ergo the low resolution) on my way to the store.

Duck flower (Anna’s brood dabbling together:

Oldest and newest broods on the shore: Katie and her remaining two in the foreground, Daphne and her nine to the rear.


Daphne’s brood (almost fully feathered now):


4 thoughts on “Duck quickies

  1. With remarkable speed, the duck broods are growing toward their moments of departure.

    A few choruses of “Sunrise, Sunset” will soon be appropriate.

  2. Such successful fostering. Congratulations. I’m already looking forward to the next ducky season with PCC emeritus. Wondering if you have purchased shares in the company that markets duck feed.

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