Saturday: Hili dialogue

May 19, 2018 • 6:30 am

by Grania

Jerry has made it back to the States safely and is taking it easy this morning.

It’s the birthday of activist Malcom X (1925), president of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (1890), actor & wrestler Andre the Giant (1946) and singer Sam Smith (1992).

This is Sam Smith in the Naughty Boy version of a Disclosure song.

Offered without comment, for none is needed


Good parenting


Smart ducks wait for traffic lights (I wonder if this was a fluke)

Some baby squirrels who got themselves into trouble, read the whole story here. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending.

And a happier squirrel how looked after his tail.

Cat date

Finally on to today’s Hili. A friend of mine recently said to me ‘Old age is not for the faint of heart’. This is true.
Hili: Look, there is a hare over there.
Cyrus: I do not chase hares anymore.
In Polish
Hili: Patrz, zając tam siedzi.
Cyrus: Ja już nie gonię zajęcy.

Hat-tip: Harry S, koppieop, Thomas C, Roger L, Barry L, Gethyn

7 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. The German ducks waiting for a green pedestrian crossing light is fake. The ducks have been extracted from another video & superimposed.

    ** Pause video at 0:11 & you can see the original very dark ground hasn’t been completely removed from under the duck’s feet i.e. it’s as if the feet are floating just above the pavement with a black line underneath & around
    ** The ‘shadows’ under the ducks are too dark & too defined at their edges
    ** The ‘shadows’ are some form of blurring tool – has the effect of blurring out the edges of the pavement bricks [pause at 0:17 to see an example] – this is to hide the original ground

  2. I’m absolutely done with tw@tter, though I recognize its potential for sharing great things (note: this is not a content complaint, I’m just sick of social media) so I don’t click on those postings, however, I would love to know what species of squirrel that white and red tufted one is.

  3. The mother blue-faced monkey knows how to parent a baby that’s obviously in the monkey equivalent of the developmental stage commonly called the “terrible twos”.

    I know about those rat kings — happy ending that they’re alive, but what’s a squirrel going to do without its tail, and will they have phantom tail syndrome?

    I want to know what kind of squirrels are those in the video of hand-feeding? I’m pretty sure they’re Russian, or Slavic of some sort (that from the few words I can hear), but that doesn’t tell me anything except where they might be geographically, not what kind of squirrel.

    1. The squirrels were separated without losing their tails. The squirrel species question is answered – I suppose there must be a variety of fur coats for the species or they can get pale backs [as well as the usual pale bibs] in the winter season. Or their are sub-species

      1. Oops, when I saw them, they appeared not to have tails. I didn’t read the entire article — should have before I jumped in.

        I identify the squirrels in the video as red squirrels (appropriate if this was filmed in Russia) in their winter coat(s? — maybe plural since the two squirrels sported different color ears and tails). Variations in coat color is common. I also read that the tufted ears in winter, which make them appear very long, are another identifying feature of the European red squirrel

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