Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein tell their Evergreen State story

December 17, 2017 • 12:30 pm

I’ve written a lot about the ideological shenanigans at The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia, Washington, and about how Leftists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, both professor of biology, were first vilfied, then attacked, and then more or less asked to leave by the University—all because Bret wouldn’t leave campus on the “Day of Departure” to allow it to be occupied solely by people of color. Even the campus police couldn’t protect them against threats because the cops were told to “stand down” by University President George “Invertebrate” Bridges.

Now, in the Washington Examiner, Heying and Weinstein give their joint take on the events, which corresponds pretty much to what I know from other sources.  It’s at once a sad and disgusting tale, and one not much reported by the mainstream media. (Of course, if there were an eruption of white supremacy on a college campus, with black professors asked to leave campus, and then demonized and called “racists” if they wouldn’t, and then mercilessly hounded by the students it would be all over the news.)

At any rate, you can read the 4,500-word piece yourself. It’s fascinating, and I’ll append two excepts:

These protests at Evergreen were not like protests many readers will remember from their own college days. Nor were they like the ones we had participated in ourselves. Both of us protested as college students before the first Gulf War, and again after the bailouts that followed the 2008 financial collapse with the Occupy movement. It was heady stuff, but it never approached violence. And, agree with us or not, we were objecting to policy, not claims of bias that are immune to scrutiny. This was different.

The protesters did let Bret leave[they confronted and surrounded him], but they assigned “handlers” to him and his students. And although Bret was able to have a productive, if tense, dialogue with protesters in small groups, the leaders inevitably intervened to stop such off-script activity.

By the next day, any gains were lost. Protesters stormed the last faculty meeting of the year, where newly emeritus faculty members were being lauded. They took over the meeting, stole a celebratory retirement cake, and said things like “Didn’t you educate us on how to do shit like this?”

The radicals blockaded the library, trapping employees and students inside, frightening several. One faculty member who had participated with the students in shutting down the faculty meeting held court outside the library, telling two faculty colleagues that “you are now those motherfuckers that we’re pushing against.” She told them to “go inside and listen to the students … or take your ass home … Two options: Go inside, go home.”

The protesters subjugated and humiliated everyone who did not fall into line. When they ordered the college president to stop gesticulating with his hands, on account of the presumably aggressive nature of his hand gestures, he promptly did so. When they insisted that he have an escort to use the bathroom, he acquiesced. They hurled obscenities and insults at him and others.

That evening, the same faculty member who had been issuing peremptory commands outside the library wrote to the campus community to say how proud she was of the protesters, and to reinforce an earlier thought from one of the radicals. “They are doing exactly what we’ve taught them today,” she wrote. What do you suppose the response to this email was? Horror, shock, quiet distaste? In some circles, yes, but the only people who responded publicly wrote to thank her.

I believe that faculty member was Naima Lowe, a toxic Regressive Leftist who harassed and vilified her colleagues for not taking the part of the students. According to the local paper The Olympian and other sources, however, Lowe is leaving Evergreen:

Naima Lowe, a media arts professor, resigned Dec. 6, according to Evergreen spokesman Zach Powers. Lowe had been on personal leave since the beginning of the school yearbecause of “online attacks on her (that) have multiplied through the summer,” according to a letter to faculty in September.

Powers said the resignation was a condition of a settlement Lowe reached with the college. She will receive $240,000, which includes final wages and attorney fees, to settle a tort claim she filed claiming discrimination and a hostile work environment, according to Powers.

Here’s an infamous video of Naima Lowe haranguing her colleagues. She seems deeply unhinged, and note that she’s holding a small d*g:

There’s were two other resignations as well:

Last month, the college announced Rashida Love, director of the First Peoples Advising Services, had resigned. Emails between Love and professor Bret Weinstein about the college’s annual Day of Absence/Day of Presence fueled tensions last spring and pulled Evergreen into a national debate over free speech and institutional racism on college campuses.

Stacy Brown, Evergreen’s police services chief who also was a target of protesters, left in August to become a Tumwater police officer.

The Heying/Weinstein article continues with an explanation for the police chief’s resignation:

Protesters showed up at the swearing-in ceremony of the new campus police chief, Stacy Brown, and shut it down. Brown, an officer with impeccable credentials and a good heart, who is herself also an Evergreen graduate, was thus denied the honor she deserved. One faculty member added insult to injury by writing to her to say that police are not wanted on campus. . .

Brown, the police chief, resigned in August, telling us that she had been given all of the responsibility, but none of the authority, to keep people safe on campus. Zimmerman, the ousted provost, testified in a congressional hearing to both the value of a liberal arts education, and to the madness occurring on campuses. We were told, during mediation with the college at the very end of summer, that the college was quite pleased with the direction it was going, and that there would be no veering from the course that we continue to regard as disastrous. We suggested that we could help change Evergreen’s reputation as a laughingstock to that of a beacon of hope, of viewpoint diversity and actual civil rights, in an ever bleaker higher education landscape. The college wanted no part of it.

We asked for leave, and were denied it. The college made it clear that they wanted us gone permanently. And so, in shock, feeling betrayed, heartbroken and livid, we left. We settled with the college for half a million dollars — about two years’ joint salary after our legal fees — a small price for two tenured professorships. Grief takes many forms, and we feel it, but we also feel that we were paid to leave a burning building. Unfortunately, we can do nothing for our many friends — students, staff, and faculty — still stuck on the inside.

The story goes on and on and on. There are so many threads and subplots that it feels dishonest to tell any version without all of them, but we must.

Heying and Weinstein settled with TESC and will not return, but they got only about two years’ salary for both of them. They still haven’t settled on what they’ll do, but I’m hoping that some truly enlightened college hires the pair. Their teaching evalutations (go to Rate my Professors here and here) were both outstanding, and it’s a damn shame that science education has been eroded by Authoritarian Leftist ideology purity. So much the worse for biology students at TESC.

Oh, and be sure to read Heying and Weinstein’s tale of the “canoe meeting” of the Evergreen State faculty. It completely epitomizes the infantilization and intimidation of the professors by Authoritarian Leftist students and administration.

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying

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  1. “Powers said the resignation was a condition of a settlement Lowe reached with the college. She will receive $240,000, which includes final wages and attorney fees, to settle a tort claim she filed claiming discrimination and a hostile work environment, according to Powers.”

    I’d like to say this is absolutely unbelievable, but it’s not. The professor who led the witch hunt, encouraged students to harass, intimidate, and hold hostage employees and even the school President, purposefully created a hostile environment for two of her fellow professors, and repeatedly defamed colleagues and attempted to get anyone who stepped out of line (the line set by the protesters) punished by a mob, sued the school for discrimination and hostile work environment. And she got a settlement that was half of the total given to Weinstein and Heying, meaning she got the same amount as each of them.


    On a positive note, I’d like to thank Jerry for always continuing to update this blog, even when he’s in other countries doing tons of work. Thank you!

    1. Lowe is not unique, I’m afraid.

      There are an increasing number of these “activist professors” and “activist admins” clogging up certain departments in academia.

      But I’m sure someone will try and gaslight us and try to insist we are all imagining this madness.

      Won’t work. We will resist.

  2. For a well balanced take on this affair and other similar shenanigans, Benjamin A Boyce on YouTube is worth a look. He actually interviewed Heying and Weinstein several months ago.

  3. So sorry for that dog Naima Lowe is holding. People like this are truly as bad for our society as those in Trump’s base. Perhaps these left wingnuts are worse as they are teaching the next generation. Arrgh! It makes me so angry and sad to see this kind of thing.

  4. I’m surprised they haven’t found new jobs yet… I guess it’s a two-body problem, which always makes things harder.

    If he came to my university I’d be very happy… I’d be haranguing the guy to have lunch with me every week. I’ve heard him speak several times and he’s incredibly articulate and intelligent. 🙂

  5. Interesting, because *skeptics* Thomas Smith (aka SeriousPod) and Peter Ferguson (aka Humanisticus) said the Evergreen saga was a “hoax”.

    Yet, I’ve seen a substantial amount of evidence backing everything Mr. Weinstein and others have said.

    Then again, Thomas recently admitted to been confused as to why Lindsay Shepherd might have felt it necessary to record her meeting with her superiors. Some *skeptic*! The idiots.

  6. As an alumni I am do disheartened by these developments at TESC. Former Governor Dan Evans was President my first years at Evergreen and this wouldn’t have happened under his watch. I have always defended and loved this college but now I’m just embarrassed.


  7. The Heying/Weinstein article makes clear that President Bridges “fattened the administration, creating expensive vice president positions at an unprecedented rate” and “went after Evergreen’s unparalleled faculty autonomy”. He evidently empowered an “Equity Council” of career diversicrats, and a faculty/student cadre who fly under the flag of “Progressive” slogans, and denounce anyone who fails to submit to their every dictate as an Enemy of the People.

    This story has a familiar ring. Between about 87 and 97 years ago, a similar cadre of careerists was brought into all the ruling institutions of a certain large Euro-Asian country. It didn’t turn out well.

  8. Reading this sort of thing, I’m feel I’m getting closer to understanding why so often revolutions begin with reasonable demands expressed peacefully and end up with regimes of Terror, killing and being killed en masse over distinctions that would have been lost on them only a few years (or could it be months?) previously

  9. When Mr Bridges was described by our host as an invertebrate, I was thinking of a slug or something. However, after reading that piece by Weinstein and Heying, I think more of a liver-fluke or Ascaris.

  10. Really not surprised with the contents of this story. Or for that matter, many other examples over the years of some sort of mental and moral unhigement with so many on the left.

    This statement coming from at one time, the most liberal family member in a liberal family with strong ties to labor unions. The most liberal of my childhood friends of which over 75% as myself obtained a BS degree or higher. Am also a prior labor union member and officer, and walked a picket line for higher wages and benefits.

    But the common dysfunctional nature of a considerable population of what at the time were fellow travelers. With open oozing hate directed at those they disagreed could not be masked or reasoned.

    To many on the left. Leftist belief is a religion. Those found not to fully believe in ALL the liberal tenents, are rejected, demeaned and vilified.

    Individualism is not to be tolerated.

    Must be damned.

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