Thursday: Special Hili dialogue—and a post by Hili!

July 20, 2017 • 6:30 am

Introduction by Jerry: It’s Thursday, July 20, 2017. Yesterday Hili became aware that Hiroko Kubota, who made my lovely embroidered Hili shirt, has just published her second book—and a new embroidered Hili was on the cover! (A copy is being sent to Poland.) Not only that, but Hiroko made a time-lapse video of her embroidering Hili, as well as another cat and a d*g. She is a wonderful artist in thread, and for a while would take orders to custom embroider your cat, dog, or anything else on a shirt, purse, etc. (she also makes the shirts). Now she’s overwhelmed with work, and her etsy shop GoGo5 notes that she is not taking current orders. You can, however, order her two books. The first one, neko shirt, featured some instructions as well as photos of her happy customers, their pets, and their shirts (including me!); the second is for professionals and tells you how to embroider cats. But her talent is special, and it would be difficult for even a professional to match her artistry.

Below is the cover of Hiroko’s second book, which so inspired Hili that she insisted, besides engaging in a dialogue about it with Andrzej, on writing a post about Hiroko—and of course Hili, for, like all cats, she’s a narcissist. Here are Hili’s own words:

by Hili

Hili: We have to show how my portrait is getting embroidered.
A: Hili, it isn’t seemly.
HilI: I’m only praising a great artist. Today the link leads to a story about Hiroko and her artistic embroideries.

We cats like balls of yarn. It’s worse with embroidering, but we like to watch it because sometimes a ball of thread falls off a lap. Some people are embroidering chasubles, others do birds, but I am going to tell you about Hiroko Kubota, who embroiders cats and dogs. Maybe you remember Jerry in a shirt with my portrait? It’s a beautiful portrait, isn’t it? It conveys my character very well.

Now Hiroko has published a book about embroidered cats, and just guess who is on the cover! You guessed it. There is even a video about the embroidering of my portrait. Fascinating! I have watched it many times.

Of course, Hiroko Kubota is embroidering other cats, too, and even dogs, but–what can I say?–my portrait is exceptional. I have to send her words of great gratitude.

Hiroko Kubota

12 thoughts on “Thursday: Special Hili dialogue—and a post by Hili!

  1. Yes Hili you do look exceptional ~ especially in summer when you’re not quite so… ’round’ shaped!

  2. It’s always nice to be reminded of Hiroko’s work! Plus I love that photo of Jerry & Hili – her highness is obviously very happy in it.

  3. The level of detail Hiroko achieves is amazing. I can’t claim to be particularly experienced in the art of embroidery but I’ve never seen such fine detail in embroidery before.

  4. I would love to buy the book for my sister-in-law, who loves cats and embroidery, but it’s not listed at Amazon in the US or UK. Is the book in print yet?

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