A Cubs win for Doug Schemske

November 4, 2016 • 7:30 am

If you know the terrific evolutionary botanist Doug Schemske, a very old friend of mine (and I use “old” in both senses, since he’s constantly emphasizing his age), you’ll know he isn’t given to displays of emotion. So it was unusual, but not unexpected, for him to send me this picture yesterday. After all, he grew up in Chicago and has been a lifelong Cubs fan.


The caption in the email was “Frank is happy.” (Frank is Doug’s alter ego: a working-class male who yells at kids who step on his lawn.)

And I have to say that Frank is rarely happy!

5 thoughts on “A Cubs win for Doug Schemske

    1. PS why does alter ego Frank not put up a fence to keep the children off the grass? Or a thorny hedge… Walking on grass doesn’t hurt it anyway!

      Trump is looking for fence contractors… 🙁

      1. As a kid, I could never understand why adults got so upset about kids going on their front lawns. As an adult, I still do not. I love it when kids trample my front lawn. It probably means they are playing. Something they do not do enough of. Nonetheless, congratulations cub fans!! You rightly deserve the world series championship. And I am genuinely happy for you.

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