21 thoughts on “Baby rabbits sleeping in glasses

    1. I know, I couldn’t decide if this was secretly cruel or not since I have no experience with baby rabbits in stemless stemware. However, I have held wild baby bunnies & they have a tendency to stay very still. If you put them where you think there nest is, they will sit at that spot all day (so you have to be accurate in finding their nest if bunny has been disturbed out of it).

  1. There is probably an equivalent video for dormice. There’s certainly a recipe – but since it predates the Internet by a millennium or so, it probably really doesn’t exist.

  2. “And, uh, I’d like a glass of cold gravy with a hare in it, please.” Anyone know the film whose line of dialogue I’m parodying?

      1. Oh, that’s so funny. Close. They were called adolescent Marx brothers. The line “And, uh, I’d like a glass of cold gravy with a ‘hair’ in it, please” is from the Monkees movie “Head” and spoken by Davy to a waitress played by a man in drag. Yes, it was one strange film.

  3. There is the White rabbit cocktail:

    3 oz. vodka
    3 oz. vanilla liqueur
    1 oz. milk
    1 oz. ice.
    Fill a glass with ice, add in the vodka, vanilla liqueur, and milk. Shake and serve.
    Serve in “Highball Glass” Garnish: No

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