Tuesday: Hili dialogue (and sartorial cat lagniappe)

September 29, 2015 • 1:16 am

It’s Tuesday, and there’s big news tomorrow (well, big for yours truly, not the planet as a whole). Meanwhile, life goes on in Dobrzyn, and, after much tutelage, Hili seems to have finally grasped the concept of naturalism, although it’s not clear exactly what she’s sniffing. (Nor does it much matter, since anything she’s sniffing must ahve evolved.)

A: What are you looking at?
Hili: I’m looking at how all this just has evolved by itself.


In Polish:
Ja: Czemu się tak przyglądasz?
Hili: Patrzę jak to wszystko sobie wyewoluowało.

And reader Ken sent a photo of “Cat in a Hat”—his cat:

I wanted to share this pic I took of our cat, Zizou. My wife placed this hat on his head for a laugh, and surprisingly Zizou sat long enough for me to snap a couple of shots. His demeanor typically is one of intolerance toward this sort of shenanigan, but on this day he treated us with just enough forbearance for us to enjoy a chuckle at his expense. Don’t worry, he was rewarded with his favorite kitty snacks immediately afterward.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue (and sartorial cat lagniappe)

  1. I think Zizou was expecting green eggs and ham. Baihu might pose in an hat if I promised him green eggs and ham…but, as I’ve no source for green eggs and I couldn’t possibly think of letting him down, I’m not sure how I’d conduct such an experiment.


  2. Z Big News (wasn’t he a Russian diplomat?). Tantalizing us, toying with us, teasing, tittilating… And still we have to wait for tomorrow?

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