We got ’em all! (Well, almost . . . .)

September 15, 2015 • 8:15 am

UPDATE: In the comments reader George analyzed the data on a per capita view basis, and sent me an Excel file, which I reproduce below. I was surprised to find out that the US is actually fourth in views per capita, with New Zealand heading the list, and Canada and the UK still above the US. Thanks to all the Kiwis!

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.25.36 AM


Every few months I check the dashboard of this site to see where the readers come from. Below is the diagram showing readership over the past 365 days. Naturally, the readership is highest in Anglophone countries, but I’m pleased to see that, with one exception, there were views from every country in the world, including those recalcitrant central African countries from which we never used to get any views.

Now what is the one country that’s missing? You can probably guess from first principles alone, but you can also see it as a tiny blank on the map. Last year I believe we got two views from that same nation, and the presence of even those views mystifies me.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 6.05.03 PMHere are the top ten countries with yearly reader views:
Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 6.04.40 PM

And the bottom eleven (three were tied with four views each). I wonder who provided the one view from Nauru and St. Helena. both oceanic islands.

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 6.05.58 PM

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    1. When I consider that there are 3-4 posts a day, & I generally look at all unless I am on holiday, I must visit approximately 1,000 times a year!

      1. Svalbard is still, TTBOMK, disputed territory. The Russians still have their coal mine, don’t they?

        Administratively, the archipelago is not part of any Norwegian county, but rather forms an unincorporated area administered by governor appointed by the Norwegian government. Since 2002, Svalbard’s main settlement, Longyearbyen, has had an elected local government, somewhat similar to mainland municipalities. Other settlements include the Russian mining community of Barentsburg, the research station of Ny-Ålesund, and the mining outpost of Sveagruva.


  1. Hmmm, ignoring the polar islands it looks to me like there are TWO white areas, though one is a disputed region rather than a formal state. There’s North Korea, but also Western Sahara (the disputed region; look below Morocco).

    1. Does Western Sahara have an active entry in the routing tables? There is long-standing murkiness in the way it has been partly annexed by Morocco. Big questions over legality, genocide – oh it’s all very murky.
      Eritrea (and the French enclave of Djibouti) is a model of clarity by contrast. I still turned down proposals of working there though – no credible descriptions of security arrangements with the proposal, and I don’t fancy spending several years chained to a wall in a cellar in Somalia.

  2. I live in Brazil and enjoy reading your blog. I am a Professor of Statistics and freelance photographer. I especially enjoyed your recent post on why some atheists dislike the so called “new atheists”.

    1. Score one more from Brazil. Fantastic books, fantastic posts, religiously fundamentalist Brazilians should read JAC more often!

    1. If there was ONE entry in the FvF competition from St.Peters, that could easily account for several accesses from a Vatican coffee shop.
      If I find myself in the VC, while the wife goes to be cultural, I can hold my nose and contaminate their servers from the coffee shop.

    1. That just means it takes you two reads of the same article to get the understanding us ‘murkins get in one reading. 🙂

  3. On a population adjusted basis, New Zealand is #1, followed by Canada, UK, US and Oz. What is the number from Poland, the land of Hili?

      1. … for 136 views/ 100k population. Just behind the French.
        If the French are cheese-eating surrender monkeys, are the Poles kolbasa-chomping code-breaking monkeys? and the Kiwis moa-wishing non-Australian ratites?

  4. North Korea, of course, but Guinea Bissau seems white too, or is it an artefact of map resolution?

    I wonder why Svalbard is white, though. Shouldn’t it be colored the same as Norway?

    1. Country Views Population Views/100k pop

      New Zealand 127,311 4,616,320 2,758
      Canada 847,196 35,749,600 2,370
      UK 1,137,832 64,596,750 1,761
      USA 5,273,017 321,605,012 1,640
      Australia 389,258 23,897,300 1,629
      Sweden 108,089 9,804,082 1,102
      Netherlands 123,411 16,919,900 729
      Germany 187,894 81,083,600 232
      France 100,797 67,063,000 150
      India 97,812 1,277,150,000 8

          1. I think Sweden is the most impressive. While nominally not part of the Anglosphere, 85.9% of Swedes speak English – and speak it well. Not just all the Swedes playing hockey in the NHL. Denmark is just ahead of Sweden for English speakers (percentage) in a non-Anglosphere country with 86%. Canada is at 85.63% – although that may reflect French speakers who can get by in English but as a rule do not try.

            Surprisingly, the three countries with the most English speakers after the US are: India, Pakistan and Nigeria. UK is fifth. Then Phillipines, Germany, Bangladesh and Canada.

  5. Not completely sure, but I think you have a small blank space on map where Kosovo is supposed to be. Eritrea is also blank.

      1. For the last year, my at-work views will have routed through the Netherlands. If we get the Cote d’Ivoire job, I’ll try to keep the links up from there.

  6. Let’s see, about
    8 million/
    7 billion = .01
    So, about 1% of the Earth’s population are viewers.
    We can change the world!!!

  7. I’m from India. Got introduced to this blog after reading WEIT and have been reading your blog ever since. I’m a Midwestern Drosophilist (PhD from Michigan State U) by training too.

    1. One of my favorite biologists (after Jerry of course), is Richard Lenski of MSU. I just love the long term E. coli evolution experiment. I think it is now over 60,000 generations (since 1988).

      When some try to hype the differences between different so-called “races”, I usually point out that homo sapien sapiens almost went extinct 75,000 years ago – about 3,500 generations. And then mention how long it has taken Lenski to get differences in a bacteria.

      There are issues in that comparison but still – learn some biology. Which means learn EVOLUTION!!!

    1. I’m sure I’m not the only one! I couldn’t have managed all that on my own. Maybe I’m just the most opinionated!

      Besides, I’ve come across a few other Kiwis here.

      And remember, I’m mostly commenting while lying in bed in the early morning. Most New Zealanders are getting ready for work, watching breakfast TV, and going to work at the moment.

      It changes with daylight saving, but at the moment we’re 17 hours ahead of Chicago.

  8. Nauru having 1 view is probably good as the very dodgy government there is into restricting internet access in case people criticise or expose conditions in the Australian immigration detention centres hosted by that country.

  9. I live in Australia and I don’t often visit the site as all the posts are emailed to me.

    Are readers like me included in the overall readership?

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