Readers’ Wildlife photos: ‘roos & emus & squirrels

July 21, 2015 • 8:00 am

bu Grania

Michael Glenister wote in with some wonderful photos. He writes:

Just got back from our annual trek to the Kangaroo Farm in Kelowna.  Here are a few shots I thought you would enjoy:
– a few shots of the (very friendly) Columbian ground squirrels at Manning Park
– a praying mantis my eagle-eyed son spotted in the plants around our motel.  See if you can find it!
– kangaroos, including albinos
– capybara (first time I’ve had a chance to stroke and feed one)
– an emu and young
– sugar gliders (very soft fur)
– if you arrive early, you get to feed the babies
 Thanks Michael, those are gorgeous.

15 thoughts on “Readers’ Wildlife photos: ‘roos & emus & squirrels

    1. The sneaksy little thing is upside down, and partially hidden under a leaf. It’s very hard to find, but I got it by looking for things that might be mantis legs.

  1. Ground squirrels are so cute. I remember them when I was in Alberta, scratching at my boots asking for food.

  2. Yay, marsupials! (Well some of the subjects anyway.) I’ve been out of town and off the web since Friday, so coming back to this batch of photos makes me happy. Thanks!
    PS: I couldn’t find that damn mantis and I looked at the zoomed photo inch by inch. Oh well, it was easy to spot on the arm. 😉

  3. I love sugar gliders. I’ve spent quite a few happy nights watching them romp around the trees in the Victorian Grampians. I’ve never held one though.

  4. To find the mantis:
    1. Start with the largest flower in the top left
    2. Move to the right along its stem almost to its visible end. There are now a pair of leaves from another plant under the stem
    3. The mantis is upside down hanging from the left leaf

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