Monday: Hili dialogue

May 25, 2015 • 5:44 am

It’s raining here, dampening the spirits and plans of the the many Chicagoans who hoped to celebrate Memorial Day with a barbecue along the lake or other outdoor activities. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, the presidential runoff election results have not gone the way liberals hoped, with the pro-Catholic candidate winning. As Malgorzata commented:

This dialogue is, sort of, a comment on the results of the election. Not fun at all. Apparently (but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes and have trouble believing it), the man who won the presidential election in Poland is in favor of sending to prison women who have babies by in vitro fertilization. Words fail me.

Hili comments:

Hili: Look, there never was such a Monday.
Cyrus: It is worse: tomorrow will be Tuesday

In Polish:
Hili: Popatrz, takiego poniedziałku jeszcze nie było.
Cyrus: Jest gorzej, bo jutro będzie wtorek.

12 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

  1. Sorry to hear the politics in Poland is not much better than over here. At least the two marching through the grass could care less.

    1. The term of presidential office is 5 years. But the next parliamentary election is in October 2015. The real fear is that the party our new president is from may win this election as well. For now we have a bit more reasonable party in power.

      1. Only October? Not much time. Still, if you can rally enough opposition to his party to keep the one you have, it could do a lot to keep him in check.

        In America, a divided government is the norm. The President’s party almost never controls both houses of Congress, and often — such as right now — controls neither. Maybe a bit of that can usefully apply to Poland right now….


        1. Unfortunately, the rule “success breeds success” is quite valid in Poland. We already had once a parliament and a president from the opposite parties and everybody complained that no reform could be done because what the parliament wanted, was vetoed by the president, and vice versa. Of course, the outcome is not given and all those who remember the times when the new president’s party was in power will be now mobilized, but there are too many people with amnesia…

          1. Alas, amnesia is also a problem here…just look at the repeal of banking regulations, followed by the obviously inevitable boom and bust, and then followed by golden parachute bailouts to the banks and calls for even more deregulation….


  2. It now seems that Poland is replacing Ireland in its respect for medieval mores. As there are far more Poles than Irish the Vatican will be pleased.

  3. Poland prevented a woman from getting an abortion and she went blind as a result. In Poland, a conceptus is apparently more valuable than a woman.

    1. Not true! A woman is worth at least a dozen sheep or three head of cattle, and the conceptus maybe only a few hens. I’d dig up the Bible verse proving this, but I just ate breakfast and don’t want to lose it….


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