13 thoughts on “Chicago, sunset

  1. When you look at the near to middle distance at its full resolution it looks more like a painting than a photograph (or perhaps my monitor is very dirty.)

    1. That’s characteristic of long zoom photos from a camera with a small sensor. I think the camera is smearing the detail a bit to try and cover up the noise. Not much can be done about it, except get a bigger camera!

  2. Information?

    Shot on a Panasonic ZS15

    Exp 1/125 sec.

    And there’s a cat in the 12th building from the left, 14 windows from the right and 28 from the top. (It’s at hree-year old tortoiseshell female called “Zarathustra III’)

    1. ISO was 160, etc.

      I recently discovered one can see the settings of an online picture by getting a plugin called an EXIF viewer.

      1. Also you could use the field of view and the perspective compared to the geometry of the buildings on the photo to know the position of the camera. But I don’t know any tool to do this automatically.

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