27 thoughts on “Merry Easter Day Greetings!

  1. Anyone catch the AOL report on Easter? The headlines reads “Worshippers commemorated the day Jesus is believed to have been resurrected in many different ways on Sunday.” Dr Coyne would love that that statement

    1. It’s not just “in different ways”; it’s also “on different days.” Two (out of five) of my colleagues at work are Eastern Orthodox; they won’t be celebrating magic sky zombie until next week!

  2. We celebrate the resurrection myth with a cornucopia of Easter baskets laden with jelly beans, some Peeps, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and a sacrificial chocolate bunny. I will probably bite the head off of my bunny, and maybe have a few of the other items but I generally donate the rest to the kids.

  3. Yes, Jesus needs a public relations firm about as much as we need another church around here. 15 churches in a town of less than 5000, and this isn’t even the south, although is just as well could be.

    1. This “Easter bunny” thing is an invention of the advertising agencies which has only come over from the States in the last decade or so. Another thing for which retribution shall be taken out on an ad person one day.
      It’s rather like the ridiculousness of Halloween “trick or treating” that has come over on the same time scale.

  4. Re-branding Jesus a la Frog Hammer!

    If you don’t get the reference, here’s an explanatory clip from the BRILLIANT Canadian series “Slings & Arrows”:

        1. Thanks for the reminder about Slings and Arrows, welshgirl. It’s fantastic! And just saw Colm Feore ( the balding guy in S and A) as a brilliant Lear from Stratford ( Canuck version). Stratford is planning to film all the Shakespeare plays ( while being performed at Stratford) over the next few years and screen them all over the world. We plan to see King John and Antony and Cleopatra later this month.

          1. Oooh, Stratford! Mr. Pond and I saw the Colm Feore Lear last fall, plus a few other plays. I love seeing the actors I know from Stratford in S&A – and vice versa.
            I knew that Stratford was planning to film the plays. A couple of our local theaters will be screening some.

          2. I really should go see some plays at Stratford again. So many things I keep forgetting to do: eat brunch, go to Stratford.

        2. Don’t despair!

          Word Press automatically turns what you think will be just a link into an embed. To prevent this, remove the https:// from the link. WP will add it back on and it will appear as a hotlink, not an image.

  5. Biblical Animals word search (7):

    T I R J X S O O E L
    M N Y A E E X G O T
    C W E H V E V A L J
    C I S P N E I S I U
    N I I B R W N Y V B
    F E C I L E O E E Y
    S M U E N R S K O C
    E P F V E J Y N U Y
    F G R I D L K O K N
    C A M E L U L D L A

  6. In my public school, they taught us the religious Easter story with all it’s violent imagery. It was then that I thought Jesus had accelerated growth because he was born on Christmas then ~4 months later got pinned up on the cross as an adult. I figured it was just one of those Christian miracle thingies.

      1. No, in this sense I was referring to it as not Catholic school. I call elementary school, “elementary school” not public school. Public school is the non Catholic school system in Ontario.

        I mentioned it because back int he 70s, they got away with jamming god stuff down the throats of all the kids, Christian or not.

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    At least for Firefox (and I think IE too. In Chrome it’s “Open image in new tab.), right-clicking on the image and selecting “view image” strips it out of the surrounding page.

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