59 thoughts on “Religion contributes to science

  1. I think the odd looking “souls” look rather cheerily stupid. Sort of stunned but okay with it. 🙂

      1. It was the 1980s? Was that when all those Telly Tubby movies came out with the guy in the black tin suit and the guy in the gold tin suit, and the guy in the shaggy-dog suit. And the guy who lost his whip.
        I thought they were in the 1970s, but I could be wrong.

    1. I just love spectacular spell check errors, and changing “Rays are” to “Razor” is magnificent!

      1. I just love spectacular spell check errors,

        “pint” switches to “shot” on my squawk machine. Then to “riot”. Which is almost like an instruction.

  2. Gorgeous rays!!
    The pedant in me wants to say that raviloi is plural – no need for the added “s”, but I’ll refrain. At least there’s no apostrophe🐾🐾

        1. Foreign plurals perplex English speakers. We say “panini” when referring to one thing and we think “kudos” is plural.

        1. No, that’s octopusses (double s;-)

          On another note, Ben, is it French horn you play, or trumpet? Was watching an Attenborough show this evening which said that elephants really love the sound of a French horn (this was discovered in 18th Cent France) and that it’s kind of like the “trumpeting” that they do. So, if anyone’s interested in wooing a heffalump, the French horn is your instrument;-)

          1. Trumpet. And I can think of some hornists who…well, let’s just say I’d much prefer the elephant.

            …and, in fairness, in stark contrast…Erik Ralske, the principal hornist of the Metropolitan Opera, was featured in the intermission quiz segment of today’s live matinee broadcast of Verdi’s Ernani. And, damn! Simply fantastic playing.

            …and…Philip Myers, principal hornist of the New York Philharmonic…well, I’m still not convinced he’s human. He’s probably the best musician the orchestra has had for at least the past decade — and the Philharmonic can hire basically anybody they want on the planet. Indeed, he’s almost as good as Bud Herseth, the legendary principal trumpeter of the Chicago Symphony (and who has been, alas, pining for the fjords the past couple years).


          2. I don’t tend to remember what the parts are like for instruments other than trumpet save for the big things — for horn, for the obvious example, Siegfried — so I couldn’t tell you for certain if he’s got much to play in the double header. But I really do seem to remember that there’s some good stuff there for the horns, at least in Pagliacci.

            I take it this is one of those simulcasts in a movie theatre? Those sound like fun, though I’ve never been to one.

            The only time I ever have the radio on any more is Saturdays for the live operas. And, indeed, I don’t even have a functioning radio tuner…I do the Internet streaming thing….


          3. The simulcasts at the movie theater are fantastic!! $20 bucks for the equivalent of best seats in the house. Also great interviews and behind the scenes peeks at the often humongous and intricate sets. We go to about 10/season, plus some Covent Garden broadcasts plus about 6 live Canadian Opera Co. Needless to say I’m a bit of an opera nut ( but that takes nada away from my love of the Stones…). You should check out one of the Met broadcasts!

      1. Octopodes.
        Ben’s solution would be something like (τριάντα δύο) triántadýopodous.

          1. Aidan might consider being labeled a douche-canoe an honor. That, and he has friends who both are very Juvenal and are quite isticated in the sophist department. Not sure how all that comes out in the wash….


          2. When I get back to the rig, I’ll consult for the Tagalog. It’ll probably be indistinguishable from the word for “dinner” – they the Filipinos tend to the pragmatic.

          3. 50-odd associates. Probably back to the tub next week.
            For a good, all-American drilling company, they do find themselves tempted by hiring Filipinos at a third of the day rate of Louisiana Good’Ol Boys, and putting them on a 56-56 rotation. Can’t imagine how they square that with the vocal patriotism they wear on their sleeves.

          4. No different from all the rest of the essential jobs that lily-white Good Ol Boys wouldn’t stoop to do that brown-skinned people are more than happy to get paid to do.


          5. It still surprises the African staff that I will, when necessary, “bag my own shit” (technical term, to do with the involvement of bags, and warm to the touch brown glutinous masses from the depths. I can’t imagine how the name came about.) They also struggle to understand that when I swear down the phone at their managers for giving them terribly-designed equipment to work with, it’s the managers I’m swearing at. I really should learn more French swear words to make the message totally unambiguous. What is the French for “you couldn’t dry 2kg of rock an hour in this oven if it was soaked in water, let alone oil-based mud”?

  3. I guess this is what happens to those who deny the Flying Spaghetti Monster, (may you be touched by his noodly appendage), imprisoned for eternity in a ravioli. Better repent now, Ramen.

  4. Strange considering that if you could see a soul it has been described in ways very different from this person’s curious identification. I would ask them where they saw and quantified a “damned soul” and their expertise there in.

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    Don't expect this much love at your next lion encounter.Posted by RantPets on Saturday, January 31, 2015

    1. That was utterly incoherent. Sorry. It’s from Facebook, a wonderful lion hug I thought our host would enjoy seeing.

  6. They look like the harmoniums Vonnegut describes in his book The Sirens Of Titan. They live in the caves of Mercury, and thrive on vibrations. Boaz decides to stay on Mercury because the harmoniums return his “vibe” of love”, saying “I found me a place where I can do good without doing any harm…”

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