The Turks know what’s important

March 13, 2015 • 4:15 pm

Here’s the final treat of the week: a cat, of course.

Reader Natalie sent me this photo taken by her friend Chia-hsuan in Anatolia, Turkey. Turks love their cats, as I discovered on several visits to the country, and apparently this park is full of them (I spot three), necessitating a warning sign for drivers or pedestrians. I believe Chia-hsuan is imitating a cat, though she looks more like a T. rex.


15 thoughts on “The Turks know what’s important

  1. Ah, I thought she was jokingly pretending to be “treading with care”, since it would actually take some doing to step on those cats – at least in this picture. Or maybe it’s just the joy to be out in the open with multiple kittens around.

  2. Spent about a month in Turkey many years ago. Was in and around the city of Ismir, on the Mediterranean. Very interesting place.

  3. The prophet Mohammed once cut off his sleeve so he wouldn’t wake his cat Muezza sleeping on it. Dogs are haram (unclean), so islam is definitely on the side of cats.

    And that’s all WEIT and islam have in common, I think.

    1. I have no idea what it’s like today but years ago Turkey was somewhat modern considering. They had bars, drinking and you could get a beer just about any where. Not much like most of the places in the middle east.

  4. Jerry, by “Anatolia” did you mean “Antalya”?
    There are no Turkish cities called Anatolia, but Antalya is a popular place for tourists (and Turkey’s 8th biggest city).

  5. We were once eating in a sidewalk restaurant in Istanbul. A cat was sleeping on the sidewalk acros the pedestrian-only street, when a dog came by and started to annoy it. So a waiter went across the street and shooed away the dog! We loved that.

    1. And just when I think this post was about cats I found this info on it. “It seems though, the cat population of Kennedy Park used to be more than 100 and was a popular attraction to both tourists and a significant amount of locals. There is however, an opposing faction, people who donโ€™t like cats. They have campaigned to have the cats removed and if necessary, put down. It would appear that a local priest is one of those unhappy with the presence of the cats and was even, allegedly, accused of killing or kidnapping some of the unfortunate creatures. Which he denies. Also, allegedly, he prevented the rescue of a cat which was trapped in the church tower.”

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