23 thoughts on “The amazing cheek pouch of the hamster

  1. I used to have rats and hamsters as a kid, hamsters are really the champions in the stashing department.
    Pity the video doesn’t show the disgorging, as least as impressive as the stuffing.
    Love the X-ray images.

    1. Agreed about the disgorging – I think they use their forepaws more to unload the pouches. Amazing how dry the stashed noms are when they’re unloaded; imagine a human doing similar – the noms would be a slobbery mess.

      My sister and I had hamsters when we were kids, and sometimes they’d stuff their cheek pouches so full that they had trouble fitting into the habi-trail tubes. But the clever rodents had it figured out – they’d just unload a few items until they could fit in the tube more readily.

    1. “The hamster, secure in its futuristic stasis pod, can use its exercise wheel to power a worm hole engine thingy that lets it do some sort of wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing to return back again and again to the time in which it had a meal that it particularly enjoyed.”

  2. I wondered if he was going to fit in the tube. I lived the camera angle showing his cute little lips and nose as he carried the carrot.

  3. I remember seeing a cute clip in a film from the 1940’s … a woman sizes up a man: “You’ve got no hips!” she exclaims. Now I know what she meant.

    1. A fellow anatomy instructor once told me that Dizzy Gillespie had irreversibly stretched out or damaged his buccinator muscles, through improper embrasure/technique. Although the buccinator is not a muscle of mastication (it’s a muscle of facial expression), its action does help retain food in the mouth and keep it in place over/under the teeth to be chewed effectively. Apparently Mr. Gillespie had a lot of trouble keeping food and saliva in his mouth while eating, and was embarrassed to eat out in public at restaurants and such for this reason. ::completely anecdotal, haven’t confirmed the truth of this story::

  4. Lovely film, I hope the hamster doesn’t develop a cancer from all this X-raying.

    Although they don’t live long 2/3 years I believe.

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