2 thoughts on “tuatara parietal eye Cree book

  1. Hello Mr Coyne ?
    After reading the previous post entitled “Ceci nest pas une spirale” I had difficulties focusing on the Tuatara third eye. I tried getting out of my bed and wash my face but still the past 10min my brain could not focus on any images I wanted to see
    I also had a feeling like averything was failling around me. Did anyone had that same optical illusion created
    by his brain staring at the circles? It is 7:34 am here in south africa.

    1. Same thing happened here in Colorado (just after midnight, BTW), until I realized I had to open both my eyes because the Tuatara’s third eye was getting eaten by my blind spot.

      So once I figured that out, I was beginning to spot the eye, but then the tunnel vision kicked in. Time for more of that special Colorado glaucoma medicine… then it’s shootin star time. (there’s your star chart)

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