Devil Cat and Surgeon’s Assistant Cat

September 16, 2014 • 4:44 am

What are the chances? Two good cat cartoons today, both spotted by alert readers.

Reader Howard sent me the latest Dilbert strip, by Scott Adams, with the note:

Todays Dilbert… which combines Cats, Science, Money and Religion.  I thought you’d like it


The research, as far as I know, is correct. But I just wonder if this has anything to do with ISIS’s giving infidels the choice of conversion to Islam or death.

and reader jsp sent today’s “Off the Mark” strip by Mark Parisi:


They’ve left sponges in patients before; now it’ll be furballs.

11 thoughts on “Devil Cat and Surgeon’s Assistant Cat

  1. My favorite Dilberts involve Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light.

    Here’s my favorite:

    I once worked at a large company where incidents almost exactly like this were common. And the worst “5-S” Nazi in the place? His name was Phil! I posted this comic above the laser printer. His annoyance provided entertainment for the entire group for a week.

      1. I have a friend whose brother is a management consultant. He says that when he goes into a new situation, he can tell how much trouble they’re in by how many Dilbert cartoons are on their walls. L

  2. I realize it’s a cartoon meant to be funny, but I don’t think the Dilbert cartoon is right in saying that, “According to scientific research, your happiness will not increase if you make more money.” Here’s a recent article on the subject:

    Higher income generally does lead to more happiness. It’s just that you get diminishing returns the higher income gets, so the effect is more pronounced on low and middle income earners.

    1. Yes. If my income for the past year were to double it would definitely increase my happiness. If I had been making $100,000 over the past year and my income doubled I would be amused, but that amusement would only become happiness if I used that additional income quite well (which probably means spending it to benefit other people). Once it is obvious that there will be enough good food to eat, a comfortable place to sleep, and opportunity to use your time in ways that you enjoy, money is only poorly correlated ‘scorekeeping’. But if those factors have not been met money can correlate pretty tightly with happiness.

      1. Yes, agree that for the poor or low/middle class an increase in money would definitely correlate with increased happiness. But for the wealthy, don’t think so.

        And what’s up with all the billionaires who want more and more money and can’t seem to get enough. Hoarder pathology perhaps.

      2. Yep, with significantly more money I could pay off my debt and perhaps get a much nicer home in a much better neighborhood, get a better car, actually put more money towards retirement, etc., etc. Maybe money can’t buy love but lack of sufficient money has certainly been able to shatter many frail bonds of love.

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