9 thoughts on “Hacker cat!

  1. Well…first, the message of the video is, “Be afraid that evil terrorists will use your home WiFi to make you look like a child pornographer.” And I’d call that fearmongering and propaganda more than responsible news reporting; CNN really should know better, but obviously doesn’t.

    Next, there’s absolutely nothing worng with running an open access point, any more than there’s anything worng with public drinking fountains or electrical outlets. They should be considered neighborly and a good public service.

    That aside, Baihu would, I’m sure, be totally up for some war walking…not that there’re many APs in South Mountain Park. Plus, he might have a bit of trouble typing in the password after it’s been cracked….


    1. And those aren’t hackers that get in. If your wifi is open, it doesn’t take skillz. If there are skillz required, you can just run scripts like a script kiddie.

      I rarely see open wifi networks anymore. In the day, I had a slow network, so I’d take my laptop to an apartment complex to download its updates. 🙂 Technically, that’s against the law but I was Judas Priest “breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law”. LOL

  2. At first I misread the article title and I thought it was about having an unwelcome cat visiting your place and so the device might be a collar mounted camera with GPS that your cat would wear and follow the other cat to find out where it lived.
    Instead it was some basic device that does what most smart phones could do, and you have to walk the cat. 🙂
    Why not just use your phone and out it in your pocket to do the same thing.
    Anyway, now I might develop the device I thought it was as there is a cat that keeps coming round and bothering my two most nights.

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