Friday: Hili dialogue

August 22, 2014 • 2:34 am

Friday already? Which seat can I take? And, among all the world’ crises, there’s a small one in Dobrzyn:

Hili: I see a deep crisis.
A: Have you been reading the newspaper?
Hili: No, but one of my bowls is empty.

in Polish:
Hili: Dostrzegam głęboki kryzys.
Ja: Czytałaś dzisiejszą gazetę?
Hili: Nie, jedna z moich miseczek jest pusta.


8 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue

        1. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of making a savory (not sweet) catnip ice cream…(fresh) catnip is a mint that’s tasty for humans, so it should be a treat that both Baihu and I would enjoy….


  1. My cats expect two kinds of dry food &
    two kinds of wet food when they come in
    after a night of patrolling the property.
    & the older one will occasionally request
    a pat of butter. I feel Hili’s pain.

  2. Hili has got it right.

    The crisis (if any) is always right in front of you. And it usually is nothing more than an empty bowl. Those can be fixed. What’s read in a newspaper is, most of the time, irreparable.

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